last night i finally finished my little 2 color slip stitch lattice sample. this is my 4th knitted square, after my garter (1) and stockinette (2) samples made from twin, and my multi-colored stockinette bands (3).

i went to the library this morning to get a few more knitting books, then went to the cafe to drop off one of them for my mother (about cowls). zhang-sifu was there picking up his unlocked iphone. he said we could have his samsung cellphone (SGH-D807) if we wanted to try unlocking too. i picked up some glass noodles and a container of boiled peanuts for lunch.

i was planning on going to belmont to retrieve my motorcycle, but my father said the battery still wasn't finished charging when he checked it this morning. since my parents are in no rush to get their car back, i decided to get my motorcycle tomorrow.

i went out for some groceries in the mid-afternoon. i was there at a strange time because nearly all the checkout lines were open. the cashiers took the opportunity to clean the conveyer belts.

i basically wasted the rest of the day trying to knit a 2 color corrugated rib pattern (K2P2). i must've done it almost a dozen times, none of which came out right. i even tried to do it with one color but managed to botch that attempt as well. maybe i'm too ambitious. i've only knitted 4 sample squares up to this point. what i'm attempting is the most basic form of strand knitting. i'm messing up the strands, creating floats on both the right and wrong side.

i didn't use any of the groceries i bought earlier when i made macaroni and cheese for dinner from ingredients i already had. the only thing i needed was milk which i quickly ran across the street to star market to pick up (as well as a few boxes of stouffer's lasagna on sale). i added some real bacon to make it even more delicious, and threw in some leftover feta for good measure.

when marco came home around 10:00 i said he could have the rest of the macaroni & cheese. he told me he was going to brookhaven (new york) for a week beginning on sunday to gather some data from some laboratory.