my sister called me from the cafe asking for a head of lettuce. i stopped by rite aid and the dollar store looking for another cultivator tool. rite aid (where i got the last one for 99¢) was all out, while the dollar store either had a cheap plastic model or one with an unusually long handle, neither ones i really liked. at the supermarket i also got some tzatziki (my new favorite dip of choice) and a frozen box of pizza.

i walked to my garden to plant the box of vegetables i brought back a few days ago: 2 tomatoes, 4 hot peppers, and 2 thai basil. the basil needed to be thinned out so instead of throwing away the extra seedlings i planted them as well. if they survive i will have a total of 5 thai basils. it's good that i made a map of what i planted (seedwise) because i've already forgotten. before the mulberries ripen i'll need to lay down the salt marsh grass. hopefully all my seeds will have germinated by that point.

i stopped by the cafe on my way to belmont to drop off the lettuce. my sister was manning the store and the place was packed with the lunchtime crowd. i couldn't help out so after talking with my great uncle about basketball, i left.

i had programming work to do but i was in belmont to let the dog outside to use the bathroom and to wait until my sister got back. i figured i could do a bit of gardening work before getting back to coding.

the black rain barrel isn't exactly leaking since i recaulked it a few days ago, but there was some moisture beading from the top of the spigot hole so i caulked it again a third time. hopefully it still sealed without having drained the barrel.

the biggest thing i did today was erecting a higher trellis for RB1. it's not the best design since there's a 2 feet gap between the actual bed and the trellis. those sugar snap peas will have to be helped in bridging that divide. the space is really there so i can access the back of the raised bed since the frame is wide enough (4 feet) that i can't easily reach over to the other side.

there's a bunch of leftovers in the fridge but i heated up some naan bread and ate them with my tzatziki. when my sister came back around 3:00, i left with some pasta for dinner.

i found victor already parked in the kitchen when i got back home. he was chatting in spanish with some people, i'm assuming his family.

i did a little bit of coding work but i'm hoping tomorrow i can seriously hunker down and get the bulk of the stuff finished. client N asked me today if they could get a delivery on wednesday instead of friday (i said it wasn't possible). the sooner i'm done the sooner i can get paid and not have to worry it anymore. it's pretty easy work, maybe that's why i've kept putting it off until now.

7:00 meant the start of game 4 between the celtics and the heat. boston lost the game in overtime. celtics led for much of the game, but sort of lost steam towards the end, with multiple lead changes. now boston is down a 3-1 hole heading into miami for game 5 on wednesday. i'm beginning to have a bad feeling about this series but i'm still hopeful.