when i woke up this morning i caught my roommate outside the house fidgeting with the lock. he was on his way out to explore the neighborhood.

i got up relatively early to await word on whether or not the latest code i delivered last night was working. turns out i didn't receive the pronouncement until hours later (code was fine).

for breakfast i had some oatmeal for a change. it's not very filling though, and a few hours later i was hungry again.

it was another warm day (temperature close to 60°F) but i wasn't able to take advantage of it. at most, i went out to chip away some ice on the sidewalk until a blister had formed on my hand and my arms got tired.

victor came back in the afternoon. in the short time that he was out, he went to porter square, harvard square, and to his office. due to the president's day holiday, his actual first day of work won't start until tuesday. more time for use to be roomies i suppose! later he went out and finally got some groceries. he asked if he could borrow a towel, having forgot his in madrid.

the client sent me some changes for one of the sections and i worked on that a few hours, saving the rest for later.

i had this craving for muffins and whipped up half a dozen with my mini bundt cake molds which give my muffins more crust (which is what i like). 22 minutes in the oven and with the house smelling like baked goods, my muffins were ready! fresh warm muffins are the best, and i immediately ate two. i told victor he could have some but he didn't take me up on the offer (his loss).

tomorrow i'm taking victor to do some sightseeing in boston. i was just looking at our route on the map, trying to find someplace new to see. these roommate tours i've been giving are starting to get stale for me, but hopefully my roommate will find it interesting.