today was supposed to be my free day. with my delivery sent, i knew i had a temporary reprieve from work until things begin to pick up later in the week.

a moving van was parked in one of my neighbor's driveway. this is the lesbian couple who hates me for some strange reason. could they be moving? they adopted a daughter a few years ago and i sort of figured it was a matter of time before they'd relocate to the suburbs. the moving crew moved a few things from the basement and took off. maybe they're not moving...maybe they got burgled! but later i saw some unwanted furniture tossed on the side of the street. i wanted to check them out (especially a bookshelf i saw) but some faster moving trash divers beat me to it.

the first thing on my mind was food. there was another sale on häagen-dazs ice cream at rite aid. since i couldn't carry everything and still go grocery shopping, i ended up returning home, dropping off my loot, then going back out again. the weather today was spring-like, with temperature in the 50's. i was overdressed, with my layers of jacket and gloves. i could hear birds singing, something i haven't heard in months. as a seasoned new englander, i knew this was just a mirage, and probably by tomorrow the weather would be down in freezing temperature again.

returning home i came across a dead opossum, the victim of a car collision. i rode right by it but turned around a minute later to get a better look. a nearby man shoveling his driveway came out to inspect it as well. he saw me taking out my camera, "that's going to make a great photo!" he said. as i rule i don't photograph roadkill so i shot it in a such a way as to avoid any of the gross parts. the man told me he was going to call animal control and have somebody come by and take the dead opossum away. "or you could just leave it for the coyotes," i told him before riding off.

with my next roommate arriving on thursday, i had to prepare for his arrival. when i put my bike away in the basement, i also finally moved that old yellow ross bike into the basement as well (along with a box of magazines and an unused sony dvd player). while i was at it, i put the seat back on the magna bike, a potential loaner if my roommate decides he wants to bike to work. i also fixed the loose bike on my regular bike. while using the foot pump to inflate a tire, i managed to snap off the nozzle. what a cheap foot pump! i hardly even used it, got it new during the fall. now i'm in the market for a new pump (i have a hand pump but those are tedious to use).

i finally had breakfast-lunch by around 12:30. i cooked up 2 fried eggs served with some spicy chorizo sausages. it was super tasty but i wonder what all this sausage and eggs will do to my blood pressure and cholesterol level. maybe tomorrow i can eat some oatmeal to balance things out.

my peaceful day came to an abrupt end when i received an e-mail from the client's client with a list of bugs. i couldn't get in touch with the project manager so i sat around anxiously waiting for him to get back to me so we could confer. most of the bugs were PC-related since we primarily tested on the macs. i spent the next few hours reworking the code into the evening when i finally finished and uploaded a new version for delivery.

originally i was going to make some spaghetti but i was so drained of energy. making the spaghetti wasn't a big deal; i just didn't think i had the strength to eat a big bowl of pasta. so instead i just cooked up some french bread pizza. after dinner i went back to code and checked every page of the program on the PC. i found a few minor bugs (mostly audio sync related) and was getting ready to fix them when the PM contacted me with a more substantial change and told me the new deadline was wednesday morning. it's not too much work, i'm hoping to get it done by tomorrow afternoon and have the rest of the day to clean the house.

tonight i return to sleeping in my own bedroom. good bye toasty warm guest bed! even though technically i don't have to "move out" until thursday, it's better if i get a head start, acclimate myself to my old room.

theophilus london - "why even try"