my bike has been making a horrible grinding sound for a few weeks now. i inspected it this morning, didn't look like anything was rubbing against each other. the chain however was all rusty from corrosive winter riding, so i gave it some lube. wouldn't you know, that solved the grinding problem, and the bike was back to smooth riding.

i play a game when i bike calling "memorize that license plate." it could be useful if i'm ever in a hit and run accident. also running the plate number repeatedly in my head takes my mind off of the rigors of hill biking.

it was a few degrees colder than yesterday, with a hazy sun hidden behind some clouds. i remembered to bring my bike lock this time (i forgot yesterday, just left my bike unlocked). i paced myself better today, wasn't out of breath when i arrived in belmont, although i was overheating and stripped down to my t-shirt when i got there.

with the football season completely over (the superbowl was last weekend), there seemed to be an emptiness of weekend sports to watch on television. so i was pleasantly surprised to discover there was a heats-celtics game today. i caught the game towards the end of the 2nd quarter with boston down by a few points. i was reluctant to watch the rest of the game knowing my heart wouldn't be able to take a close match. fortunately the celtics came out energized in the 3rd quarter, pulling ahead by a double digit lead. boston ended up winning but miami could've tied the game with a 3-pointer (which they missed). celtics had some new talent, a shooter by the excellent name of von wafer, whom i first saw in the lakers-celtics game on thursday. one of the funnier moments came when ABC sports tried to censor the crowd chanting of "bullshit!" during a bad call by intermittently muting the live audio feed.

hailey had stopped coughing and wheezing, so whatever she had caught in her throat must've cleared out. that didn't stop my sister from calling home from the cafe a few times asking about the health of her dog.