so it looks like this is how my year will end: drowning in work. it's in no way indicative of the year i've had, which is to say slow to put it kindly.

sprung from bed this morning, i went directly from the guest bedroom into the master bedroom, where i started working. after a few hours i left for the cafe to drop off my mother's birthday present and to pick up some papers so i could apply for a visitor's parking permit for my great uncle. i went to the cambridge city hall annex, where there was a long time of people getting their parking permit. the wait wasn't that long, about 15 minutes. i was in a hurry to get it down this year before my registration expires (tomorrow, actually).

i was wearing normal shoes today, and they didn't get wet courtesy of the fenders (although a few drops still managed to get on, leaving ugly salt stains). i was also thinking about my front wheel, which still has thick mountain bike tire. does it help? not that i can see. i can still get stuck in the slush, and i almost wiped out today when i when over an icy patch on the road. to really do any sort of winter riding, i need special winter wheels, the kind with the nails.

by late afternoon/early evening i finally finished one of the sections. unfortunately i have 3 more to go. but a bit of good news today: 2 of the sections are still undergoing content revisions, so i don't have to do them for the monday deadline. however, the one that's left is a massive undertaking, easily surpassing the total number of pages of the remaining 2. but all i have to do is put my head down, crank up the music, and dig through the content, and hopefully i get finished by tomorrow (friday) evening and not have to work this weekend.

i stopped working in the evening. today i was actually tired tired. i made some dan dan noodles for dinner and had an asian pear. i'll probably go to bed early, or at least be in bed watching some new episodes of newsradio on hulu.