i spent the whole day working, from 10am to 11pm. i left the house just once, in the afternoon, for union square to deposit some money and to get some soju wine for my mother from the korean grocery store next door (it's her birthday tomorrow). i took the bicycle, judging that the roads were sufficiently thawed for such an attempt to be possible. i'm still not sure how well these fenders are working since i wore my rubber boots as well, but i wasn't afraid of riding through puddles and i came back home dry. i locked the bike on one of the wooden support beams of the backyard deck, since there's nowhere to park it on the streets and i didn't feel like lugging it down into the basement.

i saw bruce from my living room window and ran out to give him a jar of quince jelly. he mentioned that he bought a new printer (potentially cheaper than to continually replace the ink cartridges).

a pair of new digital camera batteries arrived in the mail today. i have a ton of batteries for my canon XT, but they've either 1) gotten lost (i still think i have a cache of brand new batteries somewhere in the house from my days of traveling) or 2) won't hold a charge anymore. of the latter, it could either be because they were cheap batteries to begin with, or i used them so much that i basically wore them out. i found a deal online selling batteries for $8/each. i'm actually surprised by the high quality, they even came with battery covers, something never included in all the years i've been buying digital SLR batteries. now all i need is a chance to use them.

i hardly left my bedroom today, leaving only to get something to eat from the kitchen or to pace around the living room and back. when it got dark i turned on the lights in the living room but minutes later turned them back off since i wouldn't be spending any time there tonight.

the work i'm doing is mostly production stuff, but it does require some mental coordination. it's one of those things where the more i do it, the easier it gets because i start establishing a rhythm. i even hooked up the LCD monitor to give myself more screen real estate (that really helped). it took me the entire day to finally find my groove but by then it was dangerously close to bedtime. i'm tired but still energized, if that makes any sense. i could keep on working, but better to rest up and continue tomorrow.