i woke up this morning ready to work after another night of heat-induced dreaming. i worked from my normal bedroom, from the business-like upright position of an actual desk. the next deadline is monday morning, and i really want to get everything done so i don't have to work this weekend. i got in touch with the client to get some more content.

i needed to go to the post office to mail off the latest norwegian-bound package for frances. i was going to do it yesterday but the stormy aftermath made it difficult. i thought about taking the bike, but the roads are still a slushy mess, and on the nicer streets the bike lanes are hidden in the snow banks. i decided to walk down to the post office instead, the safer option. fortunately the box wasn't very heavy.

besides the package, i also sent my california grandmother a custom dvd with chinese breathing exercise videos (my father gave them to me to burn onto a disc). hope she knows what to do with it or at least get someone to help her.

walking back, i took as many bicycle photos as i could. for some reason the area around the porter square T entrance is full of really nice bikes. i'm guessing they belong to local residents commuting into the city to work and then returning to their bikes in the evening.

despite the cold, the sky was clear and the sun was out. it gave me a chance to admire some of the architecture in the agassiz area of cambridge.

while waiting for the client to upload the latest content onto the server, i went back outside and dug out two parking spots in front of my house. i did it mainly for the exercise, since there's no other reason why i needed to do it because i don't even own a car. hopefully my gesture of kindness will be appreciated by whoever parks there later.

i went on a little electronic shopping spree today. first, i saw a great deal for a lenovo wireless multimedia remote with keyboard. it retails for $65, but a $40 discount coupon cuts the price down to $25 with free shipping. you can't tell by looking at it, but it's actually very small; the keyboard is about the same size as a flip-cellphone keyboard. i got it figuring my parents might use it; they already have a wireless keyboard/mouse setup (for their HDTV-attached PC), but the full-sized keyboard is unwieldy. having both the keyboard and mouse in one thing seems like a more elegant solution.

later my father contacted me. a week ago, i sent him a link to a deal for a garmin nüvi 295W, which is essentially a handheld gps with wifi capabilities. it's a stripped down version of the garmin gps nüvifone, which word on the street says it wasn't a big a hit as garmin thought it'd be (especially since most smartphones can do gps); the 295W is essentially the nüvifone without the phone. that may also explain the sudden price cut, down to just $80 from an original price of $280. my father has been recently obsessed with portable gps navigation for walking around the city (particularly new york city). he'd been playing around with a deactivated nokia smartphone (a gift from our relative when my parents visited china last year), filling it with street maps, taking it with him wherever he went. i didn't think he was interested in the 295W because he never said anything about it, but a week later he finally checked his e-mail and said he wanted to get one. the advantage of the garmin over the nokia is that the garmin is a dedicated gps, while the nokia is more of a phone with a gps add-on. but i've read some very bad reviews for the 295W: people either love it or call it a POS. even those who love it readily admit some imperfections: short battery life, weak speakers, twitchy gps/wifi reception, slow internet access. regardless, my father still wanted it so i ended up ordering one for him.

it seems the only times i eat well is when i go to my parents' place for dinner on the weekends. the rest of the week, i'm foraging for food, eating whatever that comes along, regardless of nutritional value. for lunch today i had two slices of wheat bread and some leftover cold cuts my roommate left behind along with some hot jasmine green tea. sometime in the afternoon i had some pretzels and a glass of orange juice, then a banana in the early evening. for dinner, 2 tea eggs, an expired can of cream corn, and some coffee ice cream. i really need to do a grocery run tomorrow (but first i have to figure out what i want to make).

edwige fenech: she's my new infatuation. a maltese-sicilian french actress, she starred in european giallo and erotic films during the 60's, 70's, and 80's. it's a surprise i never heard of her until now, but there are legions of fans online, especially anyone who enjoys exploitation films of our bygone eras (like i do). i'm making up for lost time with a crash course in her filmography: i'm currently watching grazie...nonna (1975 italian film retitled loverboy in english), with the case of the bloody iris (italian 1972) waiting in the wing.