a thoroughly uneventful day. i had some mexican chicken tortilla soup for lunch and dinner. the rice absorbed all the liquids and turned into this unappetizing mash. i'll have to remember not to use rice next time (stick with pastas).

i continued sleeping in the guest bedroom. so much for peace and quiet: this morning my upstairs neighbors must've been doing stairs aerobics. they were probably packing up for the holiday weekend because they didn't come back in the evening.

i stayed up late last night watching wild target (2010), a british comedy starring bill nighy, emily blunt, and rupert grint (of harry potter fame). it's a story of a master assassin victor maynard (nighy) who decides not to kill his target (blunt) and hijinks ensue. grint plays a drifter who gets mixed up in all of this when maynard decides to take him as an apprentice (after noticing some natural assassin-in-the-making skills). despite some bad reviews i read online, it's actually a very whimsical and charming little movie. the film starts off with a prolonged bicycle ride through rain-soaked london, so that sold me right away (there's even a ride through the gallery of the art museum, not sure how they negotiated that). it also boasts a killer soundtrack and i downloaded a few songs afterwards. martin freeman has a minor role as another assassin-for-hire; it's impossible for me to see freeman now without thinking of him as bilbo baggins in the soon-to-be hobbit movie. he has these very distinctive pearly white teeth in the film. rupert everett (with a face heavily altered through plastic surgery) also has a cameo role as a swindled art collector who initially sets everything in motion by hiring maynard.

i worked a few hours today, figured i had nothing better to do. i made a few code fixes to the quiz section.

i think i might go to bed early tonight. i've been sleeping progressively later and later, which has the side effect of waking up later and later as well.