sad but true: i've been sleeping with my laptop. the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is flip open the computer from bed and check my e-mail to see if i have any messages from the client. either the coast is clear or i'm putting out fires. let's just say i had a busy morning, as my submitted code seemed to be bugging out. i kept on working until it got dark. i didn't even having anything due, but the more i get done, the sooner i'm finished.

i heard today was the coldest day of the week; i hardly noticed since i didn't go outside except to quickly bring in the trash cans. for lunch i had some smoked salmon on a toasted onion bagel with more sliced onions and capers.

i think i read this somewhere and then tonight i saw a report on nightline talking about it: the idea of losing weight by exposing yourself to low temperatures since the body has to burn more calories to keep warm. in the piece, a man lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks by repeatedly exposing himself to frigid conditions. i wonder if this true? maybe the fact that i keep my house at 60°F most of the time has an advantage besides saving on the heating bills.

continuing with the fish theme, i made a salmon sandwich for dinner (from a can, like tuna). it's funny i'm eating so much fish today because it's my least favorite food. sometimes i like it but i don't like that fishy smell. if i get any on my hands, i will repeatedly wash them until i get rid of the odor.

where is my roommate? i saw him briefly yesterday morning, but he never came back home last night, and i don't think he's coming home tonight either. i should be happy but instead i'm slightly annoyed. i want to ask him about his new york city trip! and he still owns me some beach sand he pilfered from hawaii.