pretty much as soon as i woke up this morning i began to work. the project has 4 sections which use the same code. i wanted to get as much programming done for one section before building the other 3 sections so i wouldn't have copy any revisions to all 4 sections later on. by the middle of the afternoon i was pretty much done with the code. now came the "fun" part of building out the 3 remaining sections. it doesn't require too much thinking which is good, but this is the sort of work that takes a lot of time, and i may be up all night finishing them.

it's actually not too bad and i don't feel too stressed. just boarded up in my bedroom office, with my sweat pants and my wool socks, my hot tea, and the hum of the basement furnaces. the client let me know that i'd be getting paid for the work i've done thus far by next week, so a little money in the bank is a welcomed bonus.

my roommate wrote me an e-mail this morning, letting me know he'd be back in boston by midnight, barring any flight delays. in anticipation of his return, i brought out his bicycle from the basement and cleaned the house a bit, organizing my bike tools and vacuuming the floors.

i finally retired my reliable doc martens 8A99 (jim 6 eye). i got them on sale through overstock.com back in 2004. as far as shoes go they're sort of ugly, all square-toed, like something frankenstein's monster would wear. my family even made fun of my shoes on several occasions. but these things were so comfortable, like wearing slippers, that i didn't care. i liked them so much that i bought another pair while they were still on sale just as a backup. these shoes have been with me everywhere, including my trips to southeast asia and china, so they have some sentimental value. i finally had to retire them because there was just too many holes on the bottom. the final straw was this monday, when i was walking in my parents' backyard and stepped on some dog poo that went through one of the holes. fortunately, i still have that backup pair! i'm almost reluctant to wear them, because apparently there not made anymore (not surprising, they're not pretty). but i have to keep it all in perspective: it's only shoes after all.

in the afternoon (after i finished major coding) i took a shower to clear my head and get ready for round 2. there's hardly anything to eat in the house and i don't have time to cook. it may just be a ramen sort of evening when i can steal some time to take a break later.

i broke down in the early evening, feeling hungry and requiring fuel to sustain me for a few more hours. i made a leftover sandwich of toasted wheat bread, leftover sliced turkey, and some mayonnaise. it was a weird combination but i was so famished i didn't care. still later in the evening i got hungry again and made a quick dinner of some instant korean cup-o-noodles.

i finally finished everything by midnight, after about 10 hours since i began the "fun" phase. i relocated to the living room, just to get out of my bedroom for a change, but also hoping to catch my roommate when he returns home.