somehow it didn't surprise me in the least that my roommate wasn't able to wake up early this morning to travel to arlington to pick up his fixed camera lens from the repair shop. he won't need it until the weekend anyway, so he's in no hurry. after he left for work, i used the bathroom and took a shower. i fixed myself a hot glass of tea and a bagel then ate lunch while watching last night's episode of boardwalk empire ("belle femme").

the weather today looked like it'd rain but i was assured by various local meteorologists that the chance of rain was slight to none. i ended up taking the motorcycle to belmont in the afternoon. my sister was just about to leave, taking the dog for a walk in the forest. with nothing better to do, i continued with my online shopping, this time looking for some bicycle fenders and a rear rack.1 i went to the garage at one point to check out the few bikes that're there: the tandem already has a rack; the lady huffy didn't have one but it was missing the braze-ons to attach said rackage (would require some additional p-clamps).

i prefer noodles over rice and that's what we had for dinner tonight, some lamb noodle soup. all that was missing was some chinese sauerkraut. hailey has become very food fixated recently; probably from having accidently or purposely sampled some human food, thereby acquiring the taste over her usual dog food and treats. she'll sit my the dining room table while everyone eats, just watching. we try to ignore her but usually someone relents and bribes her with a treat in order to get her to leave.

the house was empty when i returned. my roommate wouldn't get back until close to 10:00. i went outside and put the cover over the motorcycle, in anticipation of some rain showers for the next 2 days. i also had an overwhelming desire to dust the living room of cobwebs. my ceilings are tall enough that i actually need to stand on a barstool in order to reach that high, except in certain places, like above the bookcase or the sofa, where it requires a more delicate perch on other pieces of furniture.

1 i'm not going to buy anything more from amazon until next week, when they're having a weeklong black friday sale. maybe i can score some good deals.