as if i didn't do enough biking already this weekend, i biked to belmont in the early afternoon for dinner. i had no energy left in my legs, but i wasn't in a hurry, so slow pedaling was okay. i just didn't want it to rain and made it without getting a soaking.

the garden must've suffered a killing frost because everything is dead now! even the nasturtiums, which seemed hardly enough to keep on going. the raspberries are still alive though, but the few remaining berries won't ripen anymore. before the hard freeze, i have to dig out the rosemaries and move them indoors.

i've been doing some research on frying a turkey for this year's thanksgiving. my father seemed receptive but my mother thought it was a crazy idea. i came across this recent serious eats posting where the author basically said that fried turkey was all hype and the meat turn out too dry. later he recants his statements and said fried turkey do have some merit after all. i feel like i want to find this out on my own.

for dinner we had hot pot. the spicy base had a strong cumin and chinese medicine taste, a rather unsavory combination. i'll just have to remember not to go with that brand in the future. the ingredients came from the korean super market, so a few favorites were missing (like tripe).

i biked home after dinner under a slight drizzle. pau finally came back home after a weekend on cape ann. katarina was here too; something must've happened because now they're officially an item. as long as she isn't doing laundry at my place when he's not here, i'm not too concerned.

the new conan show premiered tonight. verdict? honestly, not that funny, to the point of being awkward. conan was already one of my least favorite talk show host before the whole late night fiasco took place. fueled by obvious insecurity issues, he has a passive aggressive mean streak. do we really need another talk show? the airwaves and cablewaves are already oversaturated, this looks like more of the same. all that fancy talk about doing something different was just talk. the edge on his comedy has dulled and like the emperor and his new clothes, he can't see it. this may be kind of a harsh critique based on one show but for now jon stewart and the staff of the daily show can rest more easily, knowing they're still the king of yuck yucks for their timeslot. i'll tune into the conan show in the same way i do for all those other talk shows: based on guest appearances for that night.