"why did we come to new york?" i overheard a young man on the bus asking his female companion. why did we come? i wondered silently to myself as well. it was primarily to see the annual halloween parade, but the round trip was so potentially traumatic that i tried to talk my roommate out of it. maybe i didn't make myself as clear as i should've, but pau wanted to see manhattan for the very first time, and on halloween no less.

i'm no expert, but i have been to new york city more often than my roommate, whom was about to embark on his maiden voyage to the big apple. because we'd get back home so late - well after all the boston subways have closed - we planned on riding our bicycles to south station early in the morning then ride back home early in the morning the next day - almost 24 hours later. not only would we be tired, but that early in the morning the temperature would most likely be near freezing. i mentioned this would be a harrowing experience, didn't i?

5:30 morning 45°F bicycle ride to south station * 6:30 fungwah bus * 10:30 manhattan chinatown arrival * hand-drawn noodles for breakfast * wandering the streets of chinatown * little italy

woolworth building * new york city hall * ground zero * trinity church

wall street * charging bull statue * battery park * statue of liberty

subway ride to grand central station * chrysler building * police car accident * united nations * tudor city place * empire state building

6th avenue street fair * time square

central park south * central park skating rink * 5th avenue apple store

rockefeller center and skating rink * radio city music hall * time square sunset

greenwich village * late to the halloween parade * eating chinese-made burrito on the side of the street by a trash can in the freezing cold * crush of humanity to finally see the parade

i couldn't see a damn but at least the few parade photos i took were properly exposed, using the 2nd curtain flash sync with ISO 800

walking back to chinatown * 11:00 fungwah bus back to boston * biking home to cambridge in 35°F weather