rainy and overcast weather kept me indoors the whole day. however, the temperature was still warm, hovering in the 70's. i took the rare opportunity to open some windows and aerate the house.

i went ahead and assembled the bicycle wheel only after making some more spoke adjustments. i can probably skip it for now, but at least two of the spokes need to be replaced entirely because the nipples have been stripped and won't turn anymore, whether to tighten or loosen. i compensated by releasing the tension on the opposite spokes, but now those spokes feel a little loose. tomorrow i'll mount the wheel and look to see if i can change the brake and shifter cables.

in the early evening i began my 3rd batch of quince jelly. i figured better to cook the fruits before they begin to spoil. these will have the consistency of the first batch, a little bit softer but i think it has a better taste texture versus the more solid jelly. i'm only using 4 lbs. worth of quince this time around. i let the slices boil longer to make a more liquid mash. now i'll let them drip overnight to collect the quince juices.

for dinner i made some dan dan noodles mixed with some scallions, chopped hot peppers, and some leftover braised beef from yesterday. i ate while watching the celtics-cavaliers game. cleveland ended up winning, much to the surprise of a lot of people, but cavaliers needed the victory much more than the celtics. as a cleveland fan, to get a win against the team that just yesterday beat the hated lebron james team must feel pretty good. i personally think boston underestimated the cavaliers. but for most of the game celtics kept the lead, although at times it was close.

the lightning seeds - "pure"