with a temporary break between the time of my code delivery and the eventual feedback, i took advantage of the opportunity to run some more errands. i went down to the basement to install the wheel back onto the bike and to see what other fixes it needed. when i spun the back wheel on the frame, i saw right away that it was wobbling, when can only mean the rim is warped. that's why the previous rider of the bike never bothered to fix the wheel - he probably knew it required some major repair work and wasn't worth the money. good thing i have a matthew's truing stand. i'll try my hands at adjusting some bicycle spokes in the hopes of realigning the rim. that means i'll have some more practice removing the tire and inner tube once again.

i returned to k-mart to pick up some 8 oz. canning jars. these half pints (equivalent of one cup) will hold the quince jelly much better once i start making the next batch. i ended up getting a dozen quilted mason jars. i also got some spare canning lids, a can of clear glossy krylon varnish, and a stick of new aquafresh iso-active toothpaste. i was waiting in line behind a late middle-aged woman buying about a half dozen bras in various colors and patterns including leopard print. i tried not to look. she ended up asking for a price check and i quietly moved to another less awkward aisle.

it's kind of sad when the most exciting thing of the day is trying out a new toothpaste. i forgot where i saw a review of aquafresh iso-active, but it left me intrigued, something about cleaning foam. the packaging is also different, a metal gel pump (like a shaving cream dispenser). teeth brushing is so boring that it's nice to spice things up a little, bring back the passion in oral hygiene. it's a bit on the expensive side (i ended up paying $4.19, when i thought it was on sale for $3.60) but my mouth deserves the best. the gel paste comes out in aquafresh's patented multi-colored bands but quickly turns to foam once applied, for a decidedly mad dog effect. after rinsing, residual foam leaves a slightly oily feeling around the mouth that needs to be wiped off, like maybe it was coating the teeth enamel in some kind of protective layer. my teeth felt cleaner afterwards (placebo effect) and my mouth feels tingly and minty fresh for a good long while.

not even 100 miles yet and my motorcycle almost died on me saturday night. i had to ride in reserve, which always makes me nervous, because if i run out of gas i'm stranded. the problem with larger bikes is their poor mileage (the honda shadow is 500 lbs). my lighter honda rebel (300 lbs) could go almost 200 miles on a full tank before refueling. i probably also didn't do the engine any favors by riding exclusively in the city, which also increases the gas consumption. out on the highways, i can get to 120 miles on a full tank. i went to the nearby hess station to fuel up on super premium before making my way to belmont.

i gave up on the garden a while ago, and pretty soon we'll need to shut it down permanently for the season once we get our first killing frost (early november is the prediction). not much to do other than to pull up all the dead plants and throw them out. small cherry tomatoes are still producing despite the cold, although their larger cousins have stayed green for weeks now and probably needs to be ripened off-vine. even the morning glories - seemingly impervious to the changing climate - are now showing signs of dying. the 3 rosemary plants in the backyard will need to be brought inside. while pruning the largest rosemary, i noticed something unusual: flowers! i knew all plants flower, but i never expected it from these plants. rosemary blossoms are beautiful and delicate, like orchids. this is the 2nd season for this particular plant, i wonder if the age has anything to do with it. hopefully we can keep it alive again this winter.

after dinner i returned home. i brought back the last of the seeding korean cucumbers, after the seeds for the previous one were inadvertently thrown out. i cracked out the old cucumber and scoops out all the seeds with my fingertip. after soaking them for a few days, they should be ready for drying and storing.

when pau came back home he had an excited look on face. "i saw a raccoon!" he said, and showed me the photo he took. he said it ran into our backyard, and the motion-activated outdoor lights was the proof. we tried looking from the kitchen windows but couldn't see anything.