before there were shrinky dinks, there was bacon. it's amazing to see a full-sized strip of raw bacon shrink and curl into a small piece of cooked bacon. and unlike shrinky dinks, i can eat it! it's morning magic i tell you! i hate cooking bacon but i love to eat it. so i decided to cook my whole package of bacon, instead of letting it go bad in the fridge. this way the next time i want bacon, they'll be already cooked for me. with my container of bacon i made a tomato-scallions-goat cheese omelette.

i woke up early, anxious about my coding project. i began working at 9:00. after pau left for the office around 10:00, i took the motorcycle and went to rite aid to pick up my losartan prescription, then the bank in union square to deposit some rent pau gave me last night. other than those times, i was working for the rest of the day. i took the occasional break by pacing around the house and getting tea refills.

i stopped working around 5:00. still kind of jazzed from thinking all day, i decided to counteract the effect with some household choirs. i vacuumed the house then performed a much-belated water change on both of my fish tanks (including rolling some new activated carbon filters). the cistern was polluted by what looked like a jellyfish but was actually a bloated house centipede that must've drowned somehow. i was forced to dump out all the water and refill it again.

pau was photoshopping some of his photos and asked me if i knew anything about web programming and building a photo website. is it lying when you avoid telling the truth? i told him about registering a domain name then paying for some server space. it sounded like too much work and he said he'd reconsider. for now, it's still flickr and picasa. he didn't eat any dinner but had a late lunch and ended up having some chocolate rice crispies cereal before going to bed.