i could smell my roommate cooking bacon this morning. that woke me up; not because of the odor of delicious pork strips, but rather i wanted to ventilate the kitchen so the house won't feel greasy afterwards.

since the house already smelled of bacon, what's a little more bacon smell? so ended up cooking some of my own, to make a bacon-egg-english muffin sandwich for lunch.

i went to the community garden just to check up on it. i tossed out all the sunflowers and a few spent tomato plants. i picked a red hot pepper and left the rest. i probably still have 2-3 basil plants to harvest. i'll also need to dig up my rosemary plant at the end of the season. i also brought in all the garden refuse bins once the trash people came down the street.

i bicycled to the cafe afterwards to check out those used bikes again. i'd heard that one of the tires was flat and pumped them all up to see which one it was: it's the rear tire on the trek 800. both bikes are a little tall for me, but even sitting on the seat i can still reach the ground on my tiptoes so it's not that bad. i kind of wish they were road bikes instead of mountain bikes, since i've never ridden a rode bike before. i really like the magna with the front shocks and wouldn't mind taking it out for a spin despite a busted chainring shifter. i want to take both bikes back to my place where i can spend more time cleaning and fixing them up. maybe tomorrow i'll borrow the car and move them to my basement. i probably want to fix up the trek 800 first, not because it's the better bike, but because it's crappy enough that i wouldn't mind using it as an utilitarian everyday bike where it might get banged up and i wouldn't feel too bad about it.

i spent the rest of the day working on updating the online menu for my parents' cafe. even though it'd be easy just to do everything in HTML tables, i'm trying to incorporate some jquery coding to read in data from an XML file. first thing i figured out was goggle chrome (my browser of choice these days) doesn't allow ajax access from local files (it has to be on a server). safari sees the pages no problem though.

i made a caesar chicken salad for dinner. pau was cooking in the kitchen when he got back home. i heard sizzling but didn't smell anything so i figured he wasn't doing anything too bad. when i finally went to take a look, i saw he was frying potatoes in a pan of hot oil creating homemade french fries. that's the oiliest and smelliest cooking you can do! i quickly mounted the window fan and began ventilating the kitchen. i'm hoping he'll learn from my examples and learn to properly air out the oil in future cooking.

finally, we watched as the first chilean miner was pulled out from the mine. there was a little boy waiting for his daddy and when he finally came out, the little boy began crying tears of joy. it struck me an unusual, or at least precocious. what little kid cries when he's happy?