the sun finally broke through today, slowly chasing away the clouds as the day wore on. i took the opportunity to do some grocery shopping at market basket.

i finally updated my website to php 5 which in theory was supposed to be painless but i managed to break the authentication code and spent some time fixing that. it could just be the placebo effect but the site feels a little snappier.

in the evening pau came home with katarina. we watched the big bang theory - the sitcom of choice of astrophysicists around the world. it's okay but definitely not as funny as community, which i'll watch later from a download. the highlight of the evening was the rebroadcast of the NBA exhibition game between the los angeles lakers and FC barcelona (spain won) which we saw after fringe.

pau asked me if i'd eaten yet and made pork chops and a vegetable medley for dinner. katarina already ate but had a milky way bar instead. pau said they rented a car for the long weekend and invited me along on their scheduled day trips. i'll probably join them saturday for cape cod but i'll skip sunday's trip to cape anne to go see the honkfest parade instead.

a day after discovering porter wagoner, i've come across another great band: sleigh bells. i looked them up after reading a short interview of lead singer alexis krauss in the latest issue of complex. i'm kind of late jumping on the bandwagon since they were one of the musical duos to watch a year ago after their performance at the new york CMJ music marathon. the sound is classified as noise pop, and it actually hurt my ears the first time i listened, with its weird feedback noises that sounded like a badly recorded track. but the tunes are awfully catchy and it didn't take me long to put them as my new favorite.

sleigh bells - "crown on the ground"