it was so windy last night that it actually shook the house. all i could think about was my motorcycle toppling over in the strong breeze. i drifted off to sleep calculating how much worth of damage would await me the next day. the first thing i did this morning was look outside: my motorcycle was okay. apparently it takes more than house-shaking winds to overturn a 500 lbs. bike, even if the rain cover acts like a parachute.

a day's worth of torrential rain was in the forecast, but it was still dry outside. i quickly made a bicycle trip to the cafe to deliver some homemade jerky to my parents. in return i got a few tea eggs which i had for breakfast. i also took the combination cable lock, figured i'd let my roommate borrow it until he buys a lock of his own.

the rain took a while to arrive. when it finally got here sometime in the afternoon, it wasn't at all torrential, just a soft drizzle, hardly worth the initial fear of possible urban flooding.

i nearly finished my jar of jerky. my father noted it wasn't dry enough, which is fine for rapid consumption, but not good for long term storage. the problem was it was so humid yesterday, even a 14-hour dehydrator cycle wasn't enough to completely dry the meats. my mother noticed the jerky was a bit oily for some reason. i baked a few in the toaster oven; they got even juicier and tasted like warm bites of premium steak. i've been eating them all day and still haven't gotten sick, so they seem to be safe.

today i had a little mini danny trejo marathon. i watched a copy of machete, robert rodriguez's mexican exploitation flick tribute. i followed that up with champion, a 2005 documentary about trejo's life from barrio hoodlum and convict, to drug counselor, to now movie star. he only seems to be getting more popular, as more people start to know who he is, other than the guy they call whenever a show or movie needs a hispanic bad ass.

watched the good guys with my roommate when he returned home. he seems to have a strong tolerance for whatever crap i happen to be viewing on television and never asks for the remote (nor do i offer it, i'm the station master!). his 35mm f/1.8 nikon lens still hasn't arrived yet (it actually got delivered, but delayed in the shuffle of inter-office-building package sorting). i asked if he was playing tourist tomorrow in boston, but he said he had to do observational work between 3-7pm. i told him i'd be willing to take him on a bike tour starting in the morning and we'd be back before 3:00.