what did i expect from a tea called sleepytime? i genuinely felt tired after drinking a cup this afternoon. the tea even came with a warning: "recommended for adults only...do not drive or operate machinery after consuming this product." what exactly is in this thing anyway? good to drink at nights close to bedtime, but not the best for when you're trying to stay awake. however, my cough seemed to have completely disappeared since i've discovered this tea.

yesterday was misting, today was raining. it wasn't cold though, but rather warm and humid. i put my roommate's bicycle in the basement before the sky turned dark and it started to rain at a steady pace. i left the house just once to buy some grapes. they weren't exactly the same kind (more oval than round) but tasted just as sweet. i'll probably get more tomorrow.

i managed to put a water stain ring on one of the small wooden living room side tables. i had a large cold glass of smoothie that was sweating and dripping beyond the edge of the coaster. i tried buffing it out with a paper napkin and used a hairdryer to speed up the drying. i got most of it out, but it'd be nice to lightly sand the whole surface and restain/reseal the top. a project for next year perhaps!

made one more reuben sandwich for dinner. my roommate made some pasta when he came home. i asked him about the meats; he said he's just used to buying a lot of supplies and not having to revisit the supermarket for many weeks. but since our supermarket is so close, he admitted he didn't have to do that, but did it anyway from force of habit.

i found out tonight that FOX's lone star got cancelled after the 2nd episode due to poor ratings. it's probably one of the better new shows this season, but it's a hard sell, about a charming con man with two wives. now i hear FOX might axe good guys as well, another one of my favorite shows. what did they expect when they put it on a friday timeslot?