pau left the house this morning to go play soccer with the other astrophysicists on cambridge common. i had a yogurt for breakfast then went to belmont. i had more energy today after a good night's sleep; my recent lethargy must've been just sleep deprivation related. i had to return to the house when i realized i forgot my cellphone. i bumped into susan on her way to the supermarket.

i watched new england beat buffalo, their 14th consecutive victory against the bills. the game shouldn't have been that close but it was. makes me wonder how the patriots will fare against better teams if they struggled a bit against a team they were supposed to soundly defeat.

my mother came home in the afternoon. she's on a recent beets kick and boiled some to eat. the red juicy stains on the dinner plate looked like we'd been feasting on raw meat. i still think beets taste weird, but in an intriguing earthy and sweet way. i want to get some for smoothies and to blend into into a cole slaw. my mother even drinks the leftover beet juice, which freaked her out the first time when she suddenly had pink urine.

out in the garden:

the caladiums are doing well, despite night time temperatures below 60 degrees, their minimum tolerance. a few leaves are showing temperature damage though. before it gets too cold, i'll have to dig them up and get them ready for winter storage. one particular plant is showing some strange colors, both reds and whites.

it wouldn't be hard to cover the entire southern side of the house with morning glories. i collected a few more seeds, along with some cypress vines as well.

the moonflowers might be making more seedcases despite the lack of night time pollinators. a few low hanging flowers seem to be doing especially well in becoming pods. i wonder if they could be pollinated by scavenging ants? as for the korean cucumbers, who left 2 to mature so we can collect the seeds and grow them next year. not sure if they're F1 hybrids, in which case the seeds won't produce healthy offsprings for next year.

concerned about my overheating laptop problem, my father jerryrigged a CPU fan to a 9 volts nokia recharger plug. not sure if i need it though; ever since i blasted all the dust out from the machine, it gets warm but not hot anymore. the laptop runs quiet now too, the fan never kicks in fast enough to be noisy.

the house was empty when i got back home. pau was out watching a double feature at the brattle theatre in harvard square. i managed to catch rubicon and made men before he returned. we watched some sunday night football. pau told me of his plan to see live games of every major boston sports teams: baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. i already helped him with the red sox, and he and his friends are going to a celtics game next month (against the bucks). now he just needs to buy a patriots game ticket and i'm sure he won't have any problems seeing a bruins game.