i was dismayed to learn that my upstairs neighbors were spending the weekend in town instead of at their island retreat. sure enough, the stomping arrived at 8:00 and didn't stop until 9:30. i of course couldn't go back to sleep after that. however, my roommate didn't seem to mind, and when he finally woke up this morning, he hardly noticed the upstairs noises.

besides being noisy, my neighbors are also predictable. i noticed they were outside sprucing up the garden. that must mean they were expecting house guests.

while pau was getting ready to go to market basket to get more groceries, i left for belmont via motorcycle, stopping by the local hess to get some gas.

nobody was home, but there were construction guys outside fixing the front steps. i went inside through the back door. since i didn't get a good night's sleep, it didn't take me long to fall into a short nap.

i ran out of compressed air yesterday but found some in belmont. i continued blasting the inside of my laptop through the rear vents. i thought i'd cleaned most of it last night, but dust continued to billow out from the case with every puff. hopefully i got rid of most of it this time around.

i left later in the evening, after some pan-fried chinese dumplings for dinner.

nobody was at home when i got back. pau was at a salsa class in central square. from the street i could see my neighbors' house guests. with all my windows closed, the house had been slowly heating up during the day (outdoor temperature hovered in the high 80's in the afternoon). i cracked open a few windows and mounted the windowsill fan to get some air circulation.