i'm getting plenty of sleep but i've still been feeling tired recently. i wonder if it's a side effect of the losartan? i took some blood pressure readings to see if my numbers were abnormally low. my numbers are fine, 120/80 or below, but nothing that would explain the lethargy. maybe it's because i haven't left the house in 2 days.

i'm reporting that there was no incident in the bathroom this morning. yesterday's miss was probably just a careless accident.

despite cleaning out the dust from my laptop last night, my macbook pro was still running hot. so today i cracked open the case again, this time blasting out the dust with some compressed air. that seemed to have improved the heating issue some more, but the machine still warms up the longer i use it. from a cold start the temperature is 54°C , but then it gradually rises to the 70's. i also discovered that a traditional laptop cooling pad wouldn't really do anything for the macbook pro because there are no bottom vents (only a large back vent behind the keyboard and screen).

i liquidated another stock today, got rid of 61 shares of earthlink. I had a trigger that would e-mail me with an alert if the price went up to $9. i managed to sell at $9.02. in my excitement to put in an order, i spilled my smoothie all over the living room carpet. it hit the ground in such a way that it splattered all the way across to the other side of the living room 10 feet away.

still trying to catch up on all the new shows that've been airing this week. i watched the comedy raising hope (FOX tuesdays 9:00), about a slacker and his white trash family raising a newborn child. wasn't really on my radar, but i found it endearing. it also had a my name is earl vibe, which is another show that milks white trash americana for comedic gold. so it wasn't a surprise when i found out that raising hope is from the same creator.

a new comedy that i actually wanted to see was outsourced (NBC thursdays 9:30), about an american sent to india to manage a call center. the premise sounded funny, but i wasn't sure how it was going to play out. specifically, would there be too much uncomfortable stereotypical ethnic humor? like the diarrhea-inducing curry or the sacred cow that wanders everywhere? still, i found it funny, even though all the best jokes were given away in the commercials. the male lead reminds me of jim from the office. i wonder how indians are reacting to the show though?

i've seen the commercials for chase (NBC mondays 10:00) and was intrigued enough to see the season pilot. from what i gather, it's a crime show about texas US marshals hunting for dangerous fugitives through the use of profiling techniques that allows them to get into the heads of these most wanted. the female lead is particularly bad ass, an icy blonde named annie frost (!) with a mouth that seems to be in a perpetual frown state. the show is surprisingly brutal and violent (a family is killed execution style, and the killer dispatches 2 more victims with throat cutting, one of them a girlfriend), hence the later start time.

i wasn't able to catch the season premiere of community (NBC thursdays 8:00) when it aired (since it coincided with the season premiere of the big bang theory - now in it's new timeslot - which i watched with pau) so i caught it day later. i just like community, and still get plenty of enjoyment from off episodes (not to say this was an off episode). i don't like it when they have celebrity cameos, i find it gimmicky. i rather just watch the regular cast getting involved in community college hijinks. i would prefer seeing less of señor chang, whom i find particularly annoying, but i guess the show needs a villain, and he fits the bill.

i've decided not to follow 30 rock this season. i don't find the show funny anymore, not compared to better sitcoms like community or modern family. last season seemed like a revolving carousel of guest stars, and the storylines made the regular characters seem even more unappealing: jack dating 2 women, liz inability to find a good boyfriend - it was just depressing. each episode gets more absurd, and i can't tell one from the other, they all look the same. i never thought i'd say this, but tina fey's 15 minutes might be coming to a close.