the funniest thing i overheard today at the cambridge carnival in central square was a woman telling her young son, "you made mommy's boobies this big!" the weather was overcast with a touch of autumn, but with no rain predicted until later tonight, it was perfect for photography. i invited my niece binbin (i think that's right), figuring this wouldn't be something she'd see back home in china. we decided on 12:30 but she didn't arrive until 1:00, it didn't make much difference anyway since the parade didn't start until 1:30. i was at the tail end of river street by the charles watching everyone get ready when i got the call from bin bin saying she's arrived. i decided to meet her back at the square, since that's prime viewing spot.

i was surprised elect-year governor deval patrick didn't make a cameo; i've seen him in practically every other parade i've been to this year. maybe he felt secure that cambridge would vote overwhelmingly in his favor (i for one don't intend on voting for him if i can help it). the only politician i saw was david maher, the mayor of cambridge who was also grand marshall. i didn't even know cambridge had a mayor! actually, that's not true, i do know, just have no idea who it is. the cambridge mayor isn't even elected, but instead selected behind-closed-doors from amongst the local representatives.

the parade kicked off late at 1:30 but it wouldn't be a carnival parade without additional delays. after the first few groups went by, there was a lag of about 20 minutes before the rest of the procession came down. it was so disorganized, that in the span of just a few minutes, most of the costumed participants quickly went by, instead of a well-timed march.

we watched at the intersection of western avenue and river street. once the procession passed by, we followed it on foot towards kendall square. i'd parked my bicycle on columbia street and pushed it along. earlier binbin was talking about getting a bike, so i let her try out might, even though it was a bit small for her. she seemed to love it, and continued riding it even though i suggested we could park it.

at kendall square i got a sample of caribbean cuisine: fried dough, fried plantains, and a pocket patty. i really wanted to sample some goat curry but by the time i finished the appetizers, i wasn't hungry anymore. once we reached the T station, binbin took it back to harvard square while i reclaimed my bicycle and rode it back home.

i was surprised to find my roommate still home close to 4:00. i figured she'd be out all day shopping with less than 48 hours left before her return to shanghai. turns out she didn't leave until 4:30, going to both the copley square mall and quincy market, on a quest to find some coach brand purses for her roommate back in china.

i motorcycled to belmont, knowing that it'd rain later tonight, just so i could have a quicker and less intensive ride than bicycling. i found my mother watching the wire. to my horror, she'd skipped a few episodes and was watching the last one of season 2 just to see how it'd end. i told her she had to watch all the episodes to make sense of the ending.

i rushed back home after dinner after a check of the doppler radar revealed rain clouds directly above greater boston. i was a few hundred yards into my exit when i felt rain drops on my face and saw rain on my windshield. i've become so adverse to riding in the rain ever since the new motorcycle. back when i had my honda rebel, i'd ride in the rain all the time, sloshing through deep puddles up to my knees and getting a face full of rain that it felt like drowning. but my last accident was partially rain-related (slippery roads), so i'm certainly more careful now. besides, i don't let getting water spots on my bike!