i woke up at 10:30. i figured by this point my roommate was almost in new york city, and my parents might already be at cape cod for the day. after having a yogurt for breakfast with the house all to myself, i bicycled to the cafe to drop off some documents for bin bin. i was surprised to see my father there, although i should've suspected since his car was in the parking lot. my parents didn't go to the cafe after all, or maybe going later (if at all).

the first thing i did when i arrived in belmont was go down to the basement to check on the status of my clothes. my sister made an attempt at getting rid of the smell yesterday, using a special deodorizing solution she has for cleaning dog blankets and towels. result? still didn't work! i decided to hang the clothes in the backyard and let the sun have a go at them.

it was almost 1:00 when my parents finally left for cape cod. today would've been the perfect occasion for a day trip since they wouldn't get caught up in labor day traffic yet. they ended up not going though (my father wasn't in the mood) and came back an hour later after doing some food shopping at russo's.

i'm kind of done with gardening. all that's left to do is to collect seeds for next summer (cypress vines, morning glories, moonflowers, nasturtiums, korean cucumbers) and harvest the remaining tomatoes and hot peppers. as for the gourds? i take whatever ones survive into the fall. they're not edible anyway, maybe use them for thanksgiving decorations.

after dinner i returned home, figuring i still had the house to myself for a few hours before my roommate comes back from new york city. while watching rubicon and mad men, i was trying to find out new ways to transfer ringtones and images to my phone. turns out there's a method in bitpim where i can upload files without having to go through its error checking. why is this good new? it finally allowed me to upload ringtones from my mac since i no longer have to convert the files first. i uploaded a bunch of midi files, mostly tv theme songs (for use as alarm noises).

finally, tonight's episode of mad men was the best episode so far this season. peggy's been harboring some simmering resentment and she finally let loose tonight. don shows that he can be both the boss from hell and the caring mentor, although his attempt to defend peggy's honor ended in drunken failure (and his cry of "uncle"). their relationship is one of the most interesting and complicated on television, i'd never seen anything like it. can't wait until next week to see the repercussions of tonight's events.

my roommate came home during the encore broadcast of mad men. she had that look that said, "i'd been up since 5:00 this morning traveling to new york city and back and wandering the streets of manhattan until i can't walk anymore." she never got to take any buses (it's easier to get around in NYC by subway) and only spend a few hours at the met. figuring she could just walk through central park to get to the museum, she got lost in the meandering paths and had to exit out to the streets to get her bearing. she left the museum by 5:00, got to chinatown by 6:00, and took the 7:00 fungwah bus back to boston.