i fought off an overwhelming urge today to visit the supermarket and gather up supplies, in preparation for the hurricane scheduled to arrive tomorrow. from what i gathered watching the news nonstop, the storm won't even arrive until 8:00 at night, and will be gone by 2:00 in the early morning. what's passing through boston isn't even classified as a hurricane, more of a tropical storm, and predicted rainfall of less than 2 inches. there's really nothing to be worried about, but still, suddenly i have a craving for milk and bread and canned goods.

i still went out though, but only to pick up a few snacks from the neighborhood rite aid (a sale on häagen-dazs ice cream). i also visited the dollar store looking for furnace filters (they don't carry any).

i soaked one of my fishy boxers in bac-out and cold water overnight. i washed it this afternoon and hung it outside to dry in the outdoor heatwave oven. result: not only does it still smell, but it smells stronger than ever. the stink that will not die! tonight i'm soaking the boxers in vinegar and water. at least point i'm not confident it's going to work. bac-out did remove the fishy smell from a pair of shorts though, so it does work, but maybe not if the smell is heavily embedded in the fabric.

the used replacement motorcycle kickstand i ordered off of ebay tuesday afternoon arrived today, just 2 days later. talk about fast service! without installing it on the bike i can't tell if it's going to work, but there's no reason why it shouldn't. i'm shocked by how straight a normal kickstand is compared to my bent original. i'll replace it this weekend, then i can get back to riding again.

i had some ramen for dinner because i couldn't think of anything else to eat. instead of cooking it over the stove, i just boiled some water with the electric kettle and steamed the instant noodle for a few minutes in a bowl.

my roommate came home later in the evening. she has a way of stumbling into the house, and occasionally spending as long as a minute trying to lock the door (even after weeks of living here, she still hasn't quite figured it out). she asked me when the hurricane was coming, and then i didn't see her the rest of the night.

i stayed away from the air conditioner for most of the day, finally turning it on for a short period when the temperature inside the house reached 84 degrees. i used the table fan into the evening until i remembered i had a window fan as well. i set it up so that one fan was blowing in while the other was blowing out. it quickly cooled down the living room, with one problem: now it was also blowing in all that ragweed pollen, so i suddenly started getting congested.