i left the house before i had a chance to see my roommate. i didn't even have breakfast, knowing that there was plenty of leftovers in belmont. i arrived just when my parents were about to leave for baifu to pick up some cafe supplies. they left me with hailey, who tricked me with sorrowful looks into giving her a few dog treats before sleeping for the rest of the day. i heated up some leftover pizza in the toaster oven, admiring the heating efficiency compared to my own toaster oven.

a survey of the backyard garden shows that the growing season is practically over, which is seemingly early for just the end of august. most of the leaves on the gourd vines have shriveled up, and the cucumber leaves look weathered. some sort of animal (raccoon?) has been feasting in the garden, eating every one of the sweet corn cobs and snacking on some low hanging tomatoes. normally i'd be pretty annoyed but i seem to have a surprisingly zen-like calm about the situation. maybe i'm just all gardened out.

when my parents returned in the afternoon, they brought back some date-filled mooncakes my aunt lili had made. the small piece that i had tasted pretty good, which inspired my parents to try making some of their own (using an old mold that's been in the family for a few decades).

my weekend project was to hook up the freebie old desktop pc my sister picked up from one of her nanny care families to the HDTV in the living room so i can stream some video content. the chinese software didn't work initially, but i managed to fix it by copying over the codecs folder from another machine that was working. with that in place, i finally managed to stream the videos. the quality ranges from watchable to good, but beats watching it on a small monitor. now all i need is a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. craig's list to the rescue!

i came home after dinner, got back around 7:30. my roommate and i watched the emmy's broadcast. both aaron paul and bryan cranston won for their roles on breaking bad, which hopefully will clue more people into probably the best series on television right now (i'd argue better than mad men in some respects). after the broadcast i switch to AMC to watch the encore of mad men.