a swath of rain clouds swallowed up the state this morning. it's been a while since we got some steady rain, so it was much needed precipitation. i was waiting for a break in the storm so i could make a mad dash to belmont without getting soaked. i left around noontime, at the start of a slight drizzle. i even stopped to visit a yard sale on huron avenue. supposedly they were selling a $40 schwinn cruiser bike, but it was already gone by the time i arrived. that's the 2nd time this weekend that i got out bought by some early bird, but of course free turntables and cheap bicycles are probably hot yard sale items.

i arrived in belmont both rain-soaked and sweat-soaked. i took a shower but only had a clean t-shirt. i spent the day in my underwear, waiting for my shorts to dry.

i went with my mother to the mt.auburn shaws in the afternoon. this used to be my supermarket of choice, but i haven't visited the place in a long time. i was still wearing my wet clothes, so i was basically freezing in the produce and meat departments, which was where we were spending most of our time.

early in the season i had this great idea of growing a set of patriotic vining flowers: cypress vine for red, moonflower for white, and morning glory for blue. now that all three flowers are blooming, i've realized the problem. cypress vines flower during the day, moonflowers at night, and morning glories only in the mornings. the 3 flowers never open up at the same time! so much for my patriotic display. i'll try some different flowers next summer.

my mother made pasta for dinner, while my father brought home some crispy fried anchovies with dried peanuts. i was just eating the anchovies by the chopsticks-full. we also had some italian sausages with fennel. after dinner, with a lull in the storm, i decided that was the best time to make a dash for home. i made it back to cambridge without ever once feeling a single raindrop.