i bicycled to belmont in the early afternoon for some domino's pizza dinner. my sister had brought back the dog, even going out with my mother in the middle of the day to let hailey run in the forest of waltham. that dog loves to run in the woods; i was thinking about getting a small video camera attached to a harness so we can film one of her high speed runs through the understory.

i ordered the pizzas online, which felt strangely impersonal. there's something to be said about going into a pizza parlor, checking out their selection boards, and making an order. the storefront seemed more like a copy shop than a place to get pizzas.

finally a moonflower has bloomed. the flowers look just like a morning glory blossom, but are much bigger (about the size of a hand), only bloom at nights, and have the most fragrant smell. it's not potent like honeysuckles (which you can smell from far away) but when you hold your nose to the flower, it smells more like department store perfume than anything flowery. the scent is indescribable but so intensely pleasant that i'm surprised i've never seen any moonflower-scented products.

i saw my roommate briefly when i got back home. she disappeared into her bedroom soon afterwards, before i could invite her to the dominican parade in boston tomorrow. looks like more parade action for me alone! it's not the best parade anyway, but i've got nothing better to do, and maybe i might see something interesting.

finally, a care package was waiting for me when i got back. frances had sent me a manila envelop stuffed with norwegian delicacies the last time as a thank you for sending her shipment. this time around i got a whole box stuffed with scandinavian chocolates. i was afraid to look too much otherwise i'll start eating them right away!