i received an e-mail from amazon.com this morning letting me know that lasership attempted to deliver my shipment yesterday but was unable to leave the package unattended. i called lasership to ask them what was going on. they said my stuff was out for delivery again, and if i gave them my consent, they'd leave the package on my doorstep. i agreed.

i still had half a container of leftover ricotta cheese (16 oz.) from that time i made lasagna, so i went online to find a recipe. originally i thought about making a ricotta cheesecake, but then found an intriguing spinach ricotta pie recipe.

with reports of thunderstorms rolling into the area later this afternoon, i went out on a quick grocery run. i came home and waited for rain. it was a hot and humid day and i ran the air conditioner for much of that time.

in the evening i began working on my spinach ricotta pie. the most important equipment was a 9" baking pan, which i happened to have (glass pyrex brand). i already had the ricotta cheese in the fridge and a block of frozen spinach in the freezer. i bought an 8 oz. bag of shredded pizza cheese (mozzarella and provolone, $1.69), one medium-sized yellow onion (63¢) and a package of pillsbury pre-rolled pie crust (2 rolls per box, $2.69). it wasn't too hard to make, just sauté the chopped onions in some butter, then add the drained spinach (which spent the whole day thawing), along with some crushed pepper and cinnamon (recipe asked for nutmeg which i didn't have). that whole mixture gets blended with all the cheeses plus 3 eggs, and then poured into the pie-encrusted pan, ready for 40 minutes of baking at 350°.

the final result wasn't bad. i had two slices and it filled me up. it tasted like something i've had before, but in a smaller miniaturized appetizer form. it seemed healthy though, that medley of spinach and eggs and cheese (okay, the cheese might be fattening too). i wonder if adding some bacon bits in there would make it tastier? and probably less healthy too.

i spent the whole day waiting but my package still didn't arrive yet. i ended up calling lasership around 8:00. figuring i'd get some automated voicemail service, i was surprised when i real person answered. the woman checked her records and said my shipment was enroute. the delivery person was running a little late, but she said i'd definitely get it by tonight.

around 9:30 i heard something land on my doorstep. i went out to look and sure enough there was my package. the lasership delivery vehicle was nothing more than a black pickup truck. i didn't even see any corporate markings on the car, like maybe lasership is nothing more than regular folks with civilian vehicles making deliveries.

whatever the case may be, i finally got my battery charger. since it trickle charges, it might take more than half a day for it to fully charge a motorcycle battery, so i plugged it in right away. the battery tender junior is nothing more than an oversized plug attached to two alligator clips. an LED light on the plug provides status update: red means charging, green means charged. once it's finished, i can swap out the battery on my motorcycle and can finally do some long distance riding without fear of being stranded.