i could've rode the motorcycle to belmont, but since my bicycle was still there, i was thinking about taking public transportation instead so i could ride the bike back. however, my father was around the neighborhood in the afternoon and gave me a ride back to their place.

not yet 48 hours and the house had already started to accumulate clutter. we should've taken some photos so we could remember what a clean home looks like.

my sister took hailey to the vet for a routine physical. my sister had to bring a fecal sample. hailey got a few shots and had her blood taken. nothing wrong, maybe put on some weight, but she was underweight before.

i ended up canceling my amazon.com order for the motorcycle battery trickle charger. to qualified for free shipping ($25+), i bought a pair of fiskars bypass pruners to replace my old ones which mysterious disappeared. however, my sister found my old pruners in a kitchen drawer, so i didn't need a new one after all. i made a another order, this time padding my purchase with some watch batteries and gel pens to qualify for free shipping.

the chinese word for cucumber is, "yellow melon," which is unusual because cucumbers are normally green, at least the ones we see in grocery stores. these korean cucumbers might shed some light on the chinese etymology, since they turn orange-yellow when they're ripe. these cucumbers are prodigious producers despite poor soil conditions. they also seem resistant to the powdery mildew that has affected the nearby maple tree and all the squash and gourd plants.

i applied another round of copper fungicide spray. i think it sort of works, because the areas i sprayed a few weeks ago have stayed infection free. however, it's on the leaves that i didn't spray that have newly developed powdery mildew. i thought i had a pretty good handle on it this season, but i think the problem is the nearby maple tree that gets mildew every year. i don't have the resources to spray a whole tree. in the future, i just have to stick to mildew resistant varieties.

my father got in touch with our relatives, somewhere in connecticut or new york. the boyfriend's family are in academics and spent the day helping the daughter with her transfer situation. by days end they had the good news they were hoping for, that the paperwork went through, and the daughter would be free to attend northeastern whenever. but since she already paid for a month of adelphi, she'll attend english classes until her term expires.

i wasn't surprised to find my roommate in the living room again, watching some shows on her laptop. she had the ceiling light on, which i turned off when she went to take a shower, preferring the softer glow of the table lamps instead. she finally paid her rent, sparing me any additional awkwardness.