things are happening in the belmont garden. another week or so and we should be picking our first ripe tomato of the season (not counting the cherry tomatoes that've been sprouting).

one of the cayenne pepper has turned red. the hungarian hot wax is showing its greenish yellow color. the anaheim peppers will turn red but they're usually used green.

i noticed a few holes on one of the bottle gourds. it was only superficial, bottle gourds are too tough for worms to tunnel through.

i did go around and inject some more Bt into a few squash vines. infected plants are easy to spot because their leaves look shriveled. if they still don't improve, they'll have to be uprooted and the invading boring worm destroyed before it can finish feeding and pupate in the soil.

the first episode of season 4 of mad men should be titled, "how don draper got his groove back." a year later after the inception of the new sterling-cooper-draper-pryce advertising agency, things aren't going right for don. he messes up a newspaper interview by being his usual mysterious self, loses a client as a result, goes on a blind date and doesn't score (DD don't score? say it ain't so!), employs the services of a prostitute (DD paying for ladies? say it ain't so!), spends thanksgiving alone, and he's still paying the mortgage on his house that's currently occupied by his ex-wife and her new husband. so the ending was especially satisfying because if there's still one thing where he has plenty of mojo, it's his work, and throwing out a client for not embracing the new advertising paradigm is exactly what SCDP should be doing. and the episode ends just like the way it started, with don draper sitting down for an interview. but instead of being coy, he's selling himself this time, and taking credit for the good work he's been doing. and the mere mention of the "heist" that happend in last season's finale makes me want to rewatch that episode again.