i woke up at 5:00 in the morning. the sound of rain amplified my stress level about the possibility of a leaking roof. there's a weird disconnect here, because even though i'm not directly affected by the leak since i live on the first floor, i'm still obligated to pay my share to fix it. condo living is complicated and expensive, so much better to own a whole house than having to share one. good thing is steve never got in touch with me today; i'm assuming no news is good news.

the way i clean the house, i like to stretch it out over several days. that way it doesn't feel like a choir and everyday i have a mini cleaning project. today i concentrated on the kitchen, washing the sink area and the island countertop including the range. bleach, steel pot scrubbers, degreaser - the works. i did another load of laundry, including the bathroom floor mat and dirty dish rags. the bathroom still has a weird smell (like a strangely disinfected porcelain odor) so i tried to mask it with some nag champa incense. i cleaned out the fridge some more, tossing out my collection of stale bread. finally, i swiffed the wooden floors, mopping up months' worth of dust.

today was overcast with brief periods of light showers. the rain must've broken up the weeklong heat lock because the temperature suddenly plummeted down to the 70's - it was actually cold for a change. despite the cooler weather, the inside of my house was still 10° warmer. i parked a fan by the window to try and blow as much cold air into the house as possible.

in the afternoon i went to the citizen's bank in union square to see if my debit/credit card was damaged. to my amazement, it worked without any problems, despite a much-eroded magnetic strip. so if you ever wanted to know the answer to the question of whether or not a credit card can survive being tossed into the washer and the dryer, the answer is yes. coming back, i stopped by market basket to get some orange juice.

client N finally paid me the last of the checks they owed me after i complained last week (it was money almost 6 months overdue). now all that's left is client P and i still haven't invoiced them because i get the feeling they won't be able to pay me, but still worth a try.

i had some cereal for breakfast, some stale generic brand fruit loops (i originally bought it because of the colors). for lunch, a yogurt and a few nectarines throughout the day as a snack. for dinner, cold leftover barbecued chicken and an ear of corn. for dessert, half a large ripe papaya. i'm not actually a fan of papaya. it has a musky taste, sort of reminds me of coffee for some strange reason. it also has an awful smell reminiscent of dog poo. but apparently it's very healthy and makes a good photo subject, the edible seeds resembling balls of caviar.

tonight i'm enjoying the last of my single bachelor living; tomorrow night my new roommate arrives for a month.