during the halftime break of this morning's world cup soccer match between germany and argentina, i finally installed my air conditioner (also gave me a chance to take some crates into the basement, clearing up my kitchen). newly purchased last year, i waited until nearly the end of july before putting it in. usually i get my father to help out, but this particular unit is small enough that i was able to perch it on my windowsill by myself and put in two wooden blocks to lock the window from sliding out (and the AC from falling out). i ran it for a minute to test it out but turned it off when i realized it was actually already cooler in my house than what the temperature the AC was producing.

for those who complain about the lack of offense in the world cup, the morning match provided plenty of points, although the final score was still 4-0. with brazil out of the picture, i was expecting argentina to showcase a newfound supremacy. what i didn't realize was germany actually has more world cup titles than argentina, and reached the top four even more times. the game was close for much of the 90 minutes, with germany up by a single score. when the final minutes approached though, maybe argentina got desperate and too focused on scoring because the germans then scored a series of quick goals to end the game at 4-0. argentina couldn't even get a single goal.

after the game, i spent the next hour running errands: to the dollar store to pick up one more box of solar lights (so addictive!), to star market to buy some corn and cherries on sale (corn 12/$2, cherries $2/lb.), and to market basket for some barbecue condiments. i could already feel that the day was hotter than yesterday, but at this stage still a dry manageable heat. the neighborhood was empty, with more than half the cars missing. occasionally i'd spot a neighbor, doing exactly what i was doing, making a grocery run, stocking up on supplies.

ed was having his long weekend yard sale and i paid him a visit out of curiosity. he still wouldn't let up about the snowboard boats, and told me they were still available and he even washed them. a cute former tenant came to visit, which resulted in some awkwardness as she noticed some of her left-behind furniture were part of the sale. she had a sense of humor about it and told ed it was okay. coming back home, i chatted with jack.

with my saddlebags heavy with supplies, i motorcycled to belmont just before the start of the second world cup game of the day between paraguay and spain. after setting up the half dozen new solar lights out in the backyard, i quickly washed my motorcycle, before coming back inside for some korean cup-of-ramen while watching the game. when my father came home from the cafe, the three of us left for a waltham costco supply run.

july 3rd, 2009

july 3rd, 2010

squash tendrils

check out the photo of the garden taken exactly a year ago. that was right after the infamous june where it was raining all the time and overcast. compared with this season, it really shows how the weather can affect the garden. last year the squash plants were just barely surviving. with no flowers out yet, even if there were visiting squash vine borers, they would've just moved on. this year is a different story as we have a full-on squash/gourd garden. it's also the perfect nursery for SVB's. checking the vines, i spotted a few more eggs that must've been laid today.

we had hot dogs for dinner, cooked in the toaster oven. even with a heaping of condiments - ketchup, spicy brown mustard, relish, onions, sauerkraut - they seemed bland. maybe it's just because i've been eating a lot of hot dogs recently.

i stayed long enough to watch the solar lights turn on in the backyard. 24 is a good number and i don't plan on getting anymore (i swear). now my family has an excuse to be outside at dusk despite the mosquitoes.

back in cambridge, there was plenty of parking spots. i enjoyed one more night of pleasant sleeping temperature before the imminent arrival of the heat and humidity.