woke up at 8:30 to bike down to MGH to get my lab work done before my doctor's visit on friday. that seems to be the latest trend in internal medicine, get your blood tests processed a few days beforehand so the physician can have the results by appointment time. that early in the morning i was part of the rush hour bicycle commute. talk about unfriendly: getting passed by reckless speed riders seemed to be the norm on the already narrow strip of bike lane. even though bicycling is more personal, most cyclists behaved like they're in cars, which is to ignore everyone else around them. i was tempted to purposely crash, just to see what kind of messy pileup i could create behind me in the convoy of surly riders.

there was already a few people waiting to get their lab work done when i got the hospital around 9:00. all were senior citizens, i was the youngest person there. there was a sign telling patients to "inform the phlebotomist" if they suffer from fainting spells. phlebotomist? never heard of that word before. is that what they call a medical lab worker? my phlebotomist was a woman with a thick caribbean accent. i only partially understood what she was saying, when i told her the white flecks on my arm were from painting. she drew 3 vials of blood, one for glucose, one for cholesterol, and one for proteins.

next on my list of errands was to make my way to union square via 6th street in kendall square, to deposit some cash into the bank. i had to borrow some money from my mother again, until my delinquent clients finally decide to pay up.

from there i raced back home before my 10:00 painting job began. i had about 10 minutes left, enough time to take a shower, change into my dirty painting clothes, and grab a pastry for breakfast before heading out the door.

bruce had already started relocating the equipment to the 2nd floor porch, where we would be painting the ceiling. the 2nd floor is a bit of a challenge due to the height above ground. working on ladders and leaning out over the railing to paint above your head can be a recipe for disaster. bruce managed to talk me into doing the more dangerous outer perimeter work. i was okay with it, as long as i held onto something firm, didn't lean out far out, and don't look down. i thought maybe it'd take us a shorter time to do the 2nd floor ceiling from our newfound experience from yesterday, but surprisingly it took a bit longer (maybe the height had something to do with it). bruce seemed to have given up on trying to stay clean and at one point his face was completely covered in paint.

i returned home around 4:00, taking my 3rd shower of the day (the 2nd was during a lunch break, where i also wrote out a check for my new health insurance provider). i was really tired but couldn't believe it had all to do with the painting (maybe i've been waking up earlier than usual). i feel asleep briefly on the couch, then decided to do it right and head to the bedroom. by then i wasn't sleep anymore.

around evening time dennis/susan had slipped a check in my mail slot for the work i've done. these 2 days of painting have kept me away from the supermarket, so there wasn't a lot to eat in the house. for dinner i had some ramen. i'll do my food shopping tomorrow.