this whole day was about waiting for the start of game 7 of the NBA championship. who will win? the pressure for both sides must be unbearable, and i'm almost too nervous to even watch the game. i'll look at the tv it if the celtics have a big lead, otherwise i don't think i'll be able to handle the stress. i just have to tell myself that should the celtics lose tonight, the sun will still come out tomorrow, and none of these players will be homeless on the street because they lost the game. i don't know why we don't have a parade for the runner-ups; i guess americans just don't celebrate partial success.

game 7 hasn't even started and i'm already writing the celtics' obituary. very few people thought they'd make it this far. they defeated dwyane wade and the heats. they defeated king james and the cavaliers. they defeated dwight howard and the magic. and now they're 48 regulation minutes away from defeating kobe bryant and the lakers. or almost defeating them, as the case may be.

i'm probably biased, but wouldn't a boston victory be a better story book ending? how can anyone root for kobe bryant - a rapist who's not in jail because he paid off his accuser - much less the lakers? it's like a battle between good and evil. a los angeles victory would validate the attitude that you can get away with anything if you're rich and famous. is that what the NBA is about? hopefully the commissioner and i are on the same page, and he's secretly relayed the message to the referees to call more fouls on the lakers. 

i did broker a craig's list purchase though. my 2nd aunt's PC broke down a few days ago and she asked me if i could score her another cheap machine. i found a used dell dimension 8200 desktop with P4 2ghz 768mb 330gb ATI radeon 9600 graphic card and dvd-drive for $50. it also came with a 17" flat screen CRT monitor but i asked if i could just buy the computer without it for the same price. the seller agreed to meet with me later in the evening.

my father came to pick me up around 8:00 after he got off of work and we drove to brighton to pick up the PC. james (the seller) told me he posted his ad more than a week ago with no takers; i guess people just aren't into used desktop machines anymore. i came back just in time for the start of the game. during halftime i quickly made a grilled chicken caesar salad for dinner.

so began game 7. each minute i watched the more nervous i got. the celtics led for most of the game. despite outshooting the lakers, los angeles won the rebound game and all the second opportunities kept them close. once the lakers got the lead in the final few minutes of the 2nd half though, los angeles never relinquished command despite some valiant efforts by boston all the way down to the last seconds. with that the celtics season came to a close. i turned of the television, laid down on the couch, and promised myself i wouldn't watch any sports related news for the next few days. one final thought though: i hope all the celtics players come back next season. there's some unfinished business.