had a meeting with client P this morning in cambridgeport (went via motorcycle). they frantically called me late yesterday and dropped the bad news: the project i've been involved with them for over a year will be due next week and i have less than a week to code. not only that, but they don't have a designer either, so i have to do all the graphics as well, nor is there a project manager, so i'm making up my own directions. i'm not even sure how i'll be paid since we never once discussed numbers. it's up to me to be the hero. despite the pressure, i feel surprisingly calm for some reason.

after setting up a few machines in the office, i left to go home. passing by the perimeter of harvard square i saw the demolition on the rear end of the fogg art museum (part of their renovation effort). i circled around, found a place to park, then went to take some photos.

i took a detour and went to the somerville home depot looking for leftover bulbs. all they had left were some remainders, and cared so little about their worth that they put the display case outside by the entrance. everything was 50%, but the quality was suspect. there were a lot of lily-of-the-valleys but they seemed all dried up. i ended up getting a packet of red astibles and white bleeding hearts.

i came home briefly just to grab my seed packets before going to belmont to plant my new perennials in the backyard (they needed to be in the ground as soon as possible). hailey was home alone. she seemed back to normal, but her nose was still dry. after she went to the bathroom in the backyard, she went back inside to sleep.

i interspersed the 3 astibles and the 3 bleeding hearts to various shady parts of the yard. while i was at it, i also planted about 20 more red sweet corn seeds in the corn patch. if they do germinate, they'll make up the second corn crop after the first group will have already flowered.

the most dazzling sight in the garden was the single morning glory flower. i was lucky to see it before it wilted in the afternoon sun. afterwards i watered all the plants then left.

i made a quick stop at the cafe, where my mother packed me a lunch before i left. it was almost 3:00 when i finally got back home for good, having been out of the house since 10:00. i finally had time to eat.

i started working on some mockup screens for the interactives i'd be building for client P. even though they didn't ask, i promised to get them screens by tomorrow so they can give me some feedback and okay the layouts. i also told them i could have the interactives (2) ready by friday, which they seemed surprised. i'm busy this weekend so i like to get as much done this week, and i'm busy all of next week, so i won't have any time to work on the project. so essentially i have just 3 days to design and code everything. pressure!

i left the house briefly during the afternoon, first to the dollar store to pick up some lighters (for the barbecue, not for my own pyro proclivities), then to star market for their 99¢/lb peach sale. i couldn't get over all the beautifully shaped cumulous clouds floating in the deep blue sky. i wish i lived somewhere that had enough open space that i could just stare at the clouds all the day (the closest thing to that here is the supermarket parking lot).

in the evening i bicycled down to davis square to pick up my wings order, in preparation for a night of basketball watching. i wasn't very hungry since i ate lunch so late, and i only managed to eat about 5 wings before saving the rest for tomorrow.

as for the game! i chatted briefly with my great uncle when i was at cafe earlier. he was excited about the NBA finals, now that the series was tied at 1-1. he still thinks the laker will win it all though, given their height and kobe bryant advantage. he said if the celtics can win tonight, they might have some hope. well, the celtics didn't win tonight. the first few minutes was pretty amazing, as boston came charging out of the gates, but despite their intensity, the lakers wasn't far behind, and once los angeles got the lead in the first quarter, they never relinquished it. kevin garnett was the celtics' chief point maker. unfortunately he was the only one, as ray allen went 0-14 in the game (after making 8 3-pointers in game 2). the lakers built a double-digit lead, but the celtics managed to come back to within a few points. unfortunately, that wasn't enough, and despite good defense, boston just wasn't shooting well, and ended up losing.