i dropped my macbook pro onto the floor while packing it up this morning. it scraped the corner of the coffee table, resulting in an ugly looking dented gash wound. the laptop still works though, no weirdness on the LCD (no more than usual). i think scars add character to the computer. it shows the world that i'm dangerous enough to drop my laptop from time to time.

then while riding to belmont during a lull in the rainstorm, i nearly got thrown off my bicycle. my mistake was answering my cellphone while riding. i pulled the front brake to slow down, but the back end of the bike suddenly fishtailed. i managed to use both my feet to come to stop before falling down. my only injury was a scratched up heel.

hailey was the only one home. she stayed curled up sleeping in her chair when i went into the backyard. when i came back inside, she had disappeared. after searching the house, i found her in the basement, where it was cooler. later i managed to coax her back upstairs. when my mother and sister came back home, it was my mother who noticed something was off with the dog. normally she's very noisy about her morning meal, but she was nowhere to be found today. i touched her nose and it was dry. she definitely seemed lethargic, but didn't seem to be in any sort of pain. could this be goo-be-gone poisoning from yesterday? when we told my sister, she freaked out and was on the verge of taking hailey to the emergency ward of the animal hospital. my sister thinks it's lyme disease, and blamed us for not noticing a tick on the dog last weekend when my sister was at a wedding. we managed to convince her to wait until tomorrow to see if hailey improves before calling the vet. the dog did feel warmer than usual, and my sister turned on the AC for hailey, as well as laying on some ice packs wrapped in towels.

no point in watering the vegetables, with heavy thunderstorms arriving later. unlike yesterday, rain came down as predicted. for a brief moment, it looked like a hurricane, with winds whipping trees and rain falling horizontally. once the storm front passed through town though, the sun came back out as if nothing happened.

some random spots of color in the garden:

my parents managed to go down to chinatown this morning to pick up some supplies. they also got some takeout from the butcher shop, various cuts of pork and duck and beef for dinner.

after dinner, my mother and sister took hailey out for a walk. she seemed to be well enough for that, and at one point even tried to chase a neighborhood cat. however, when she came home, she went back to sleep on her dog bed.

the ride back home was against the backdrop of a dramatic post-storm sunset. it lasted briefly, and when i tried to go back outside to take some more photos, it was already gone.

finally, game 2 of the NBA finals. celtics won tonight, much to the relief of boston fans who did not want to see the series back in town with the home team down 0-2. now it's tied at 1-1, a whole new series, best out of 5. i agree with most pundits in that on paper at least, the celtics are outmatched by the lakers. but it was same case against the cavaliers, and the same against the magic, and yet the celtics managed to beat them both. there's just something intangible about the team. maybe their veteran mentality, but the lakers have plenty of finals veterans as well (given this is their 3rd consecutive championship series appearance). maybe it's the celtics' maturity, with older players like the big three that stay mentally focused. i think it's the celtics unselfishness, and how there really isn't just one star player who leads the team. you can argue paul pierce is that guy for boston, but kevin garnett can just as easily take over, or ray allen. and not to forget the rising star of rajon rondo. it's hard to attack when you don't know which head to chop off. a big part of lakers' lost tonight was kobe's foul trouble. it took him out of the game and he just couldn't get it going. lakers have other leaders, like gasol and fisher, but kobe is the heart of the team, and without him, they couldn't match the celtics' intensity. celtics just played faster, and more of their shots went in the basket. the amount of fouls being called on both sides is kind of crazy and sort of ruins the rhythm of the game. it seems like games are decided more on who managed to escape foul trouble instead of actual play action.