this morning, i went to harvard square to deposit some money into my bank account. i locked my bicycle next to another bike. i noticed right away that even thought there was an engaged u-lock, it was just looped through the handlebar and wasn't actually locked to that bike itself, so anyone could've just taken it. i've seen a lot of this recently, where bikers don't do a good job locking up their bikes.

my upstairs neighbor decided to pull out a bunch of wood poppies growing in our backyard. had he asked me first, i would've gladly taken them for free. i ended up going through the garden refuse and picking 5 good plants. i went to belmont around noontime to transplant the wood poppies into the backyard. i also picked up my rain boots and fixed my sister's e-mail before returning to cambridge.

i made another trip to the supermarket to pick up some snacks. i came home and mixed my burger patties for dinner, basically every single pungent ingredient i could think of, from blue cheese crumbs to scallion to garlic to hot sauce and mustard. i let that sit in the fridge for a few hours.

the rest of the day was waiting for the arrival of some severe storms. not as bad as the ones on tuesday, but still torrential. as quickly as it arrived, it soon passed the city as the sun suddenly came out and the only evidence of what just happened were the large puddles.

for dinner i cooked up two hamburgers with the foreman grill. i figured with all that blue cheese my lactose intolerance would kick in, but i was fine the rest of the evening. i even had some ice cream later with no side effects.

finally, game 1 of the NBA finals. despite my wishful thinking, celtics lose to the lakers. los angeles seemed to be firing on all cylinders, while boston couldn't match their aggressiveness. despite being outplayed, the celtics kept the game close and kept on coming back to within 10-11 points before the lakers would go on an offensive run of their own. had the lakers let up just a little bit, celtics would've caught up, but los angeles just played better tonight. no need to panic yet if you're a celtics fan. let's see what happens sunday night for game 2.

my upped dosage of diovan arrived in the mail today. i'd been taking 80mg but now i'm up to 160mg. i was curious to see if the new pills had a different design and sure enough, they do: they still have a sunflower seed shape, but the new pills are brownish orange in color and bigger sized (i found a page online that shows the rest of the diovan family).