bruce asked me yesterday if i could do him a favor: drive him to the airport today and then drive the car back. i assumed his broken toe and his cane-assisted mobility were reasons why he didn't just take the subway. he was going down to florida for the long weekend to visit his centenarian grandmother. the entire trip to and back took about 45 minutes. i also said i could come and pick him up at the airport when he returned monday night.

it's actually kind of ironic that i was driving through boston because i actually needed to go to haymarket. the only problem was trying to find a place to park, so i ended up coming back home and riding the bicycle back into the city instead.

i've been riding the bicycle since the end of september. since that time, i've been trying to quantify how much exercise i've actually been getting. in a given week, i ride about 20-30 miles. that's still nothing compared to serious bicyclists who commute everyday into boston and back. a roundtrip from my house to boston is about 7-8 miles; if i was one of those guys, i'd be riding 40 miles every week. nevertheless, these 9 months of riding must have some discernible physical developments, right? however, i really can't tell.

i know during the winter, after the first few months of riding, i actually lost close to 10 lbs. since then i've managed to make it all back. health-wise i don't notice any improvements, and the fact that my blood pressure is still a bit high means i haven't gained any benefits. the past few weeks my legs have felt awfully tired, and there's a heaviness to my steps. my bicycle accident last week left me with some tissue bruising that still hurts. i wonder if i have biker legs though? but my legs have always been more muscular compared to the rest of my body, so i'm not really sure.

the pivotal game 6 between the celtics and the magic was tonight. even though boston was still up 3-2 in the series, orlando had won the last 2 and had momentum on their side. the game was in boston though, so theoretically celtics should have the advantage, but with a better road record, a home win wasn't a guarantee. somewhere in the first half i had to use the bathroom but didn't want to miss the game so i used a strategically angled mirror balanced on a barstool so i could still watch the action from the bathroom.

with rondo possibly injured and on the bench, nate robinson came in and stabilized the game when it could've gone either way. his energy was relentless and he made some timely shots to keep the magic at bay. i think doc rivers should've kept him in longer, but i guess he didn't want rondo to get rusty from too much inactivity. celtics had the lead for much of the game and at one point they led by 24 points, but i still worried until the final few minutes, when victory was finally assured.