first thing first: celtics wasn't able to sweep the magic tonight! orlando was just a sharper team; desperation might've had something to do with it. boston might also have been over-confident, finally buying into the hype about their greatness after dethroning lebron james and with every sports pundit predicting a sweep of the magic. but this loss will be good for boston, it humbles them and gets them ready to finish out the series in game 5 at orlando.

even then, the game was close throughout. celtics trailed for most it, but then got the lead heading into the final minutes. celtics had multiple opportunities to end the magic, but just couldn't capitalize for whatever reason (better defense, tired). the game even went into overtime, and just when it looked like the magic would take it after 2 consecutive 3-pointers, ray allen comes back and gets 2 3-pointers of his own. celtics lost tonight, but it was a great game. they just better close it out come wednesday!

my upstairs neighbors woke me up again this morning at 7:40. they weren't home this past weekend and i slept great. now that they're back for the week, i can look forward to waking up when they wake up. trying to make the best of the situation, i used the early wake up time to do a water change on my fish tanks. i went to water my plants in the community garden and then biked down to the super market to get some groceries.

nothing much was going on at my parents' place when i dropped by. i inspected the garden and watered the plants. i discovered a black scale infestation on the backyard plum tree. that tree also the black knot disease, and any infected branches will have to be removed and destroyed. as for the scales, at first i thought they were natural bumps in the branches, but when i noticed how many they were, and the fact that it was raining sap underneath the tree, i knew what the problem was. the scales themselves don't look much like insects, more like snails. my father ended up spraying off the scales with a jet sprayer, which managed to remove most of them in an environmentally safe manner (as compared to spraying with insecticide).

nobody wanted to cook so we ordered out for dinner, from brother's pizza in cushing square. they had online ordering which we used to place our order. because it was our first time using this service, we also got 50% off. we used the verizon FIOS gift card, soon to expire by next week. for some strange reason though, when i went to check the new balance, i noticed they added an additional $5 charge on the order for some reason. an online ordering fee? but we did get 50% off the order, so i'm not complaining too much.

after dinner i biked back to cambridge to watch the basketball game.