i rode the motorcycle to belmont today to wash off the pollen that'd been accumulating on the bike all spring long. how exactly this happened i'm not sure since the motorcycle is usually covered when i'm not riding it. after the wash, i went over it again with a detail wax then sprayed some WD40 in all the joints. since i had plenty of leftover car wash fluid, i washed the honda element as well when my father came home in the afternoon.

my father noticed yesterday that my motorcycle coolant level was below the lower line on the see-through tank. so i went down to greater boston motorsports in arlington and picked up a container of antifreeze/coolant. for some reason it's kind of expensive ($22/half gallon) for something that's not even a honda label brand. i filled up the coolant tank with my father's help when i returned to belmont.

in the garden, i finally separated out my lettuces, but i still need to thin them. i planted a whole packet of mixed cutting sunflowers along with the starter corn field in the southwest corner of the yard. my father broke up the aloe plants into individual pots and later mowed the lawn.

back at home, i tried watching the lakers-suns game, and once again, i couldn't quite get into it, until the very end, when phoenix won the game bringing the series to 1-2. a lot of people haven't written off the suns in anticipation of a classic lakers-celtics final showdown, but i wouldn't rule them out. it's still early in the western conference finals, and the final matchup might be a suns-celtics pairing.

finished off sunday with another new episode of breaking bad. from the preview last week, i thought walter and jesse were in deep trouble, but it turned out to be a comedic episode, as walter becomes obsessed with catching a fly in the lab. a bit of role reversal, as jesse becomes the voice of reason, while walter is the raving lunatic. there was still tremendous tension though, as the drugged walter narrowly avoided telling jesse the truth about jane.