i tagged along with bruce to the new staples opened on the outskirts of medford square in a former video store. it was actually little more than a glorified copy shop with some office supplies, mostly costly replacement ink cartridges. the google maps directions bruce printed out took us on a route that passed through magoun square in somerville. i saw a sign for a fried chicken restaurant that caught my attention.

i took a shower in the recaulked bathtub. it sounds strange, but replacing the caulk makes me feel like i have a brand new bathroom.

later in the afternoon, once the drizzle had subsided, i took the bicycle back to magoun square to check out that fried chicken place. it was a difficult ride climbing those somerville hills. when i finally got there, i realized what i saw (for chester fried chicken) was actually just an old sign; in its place was a brazilian convenience store. all those hills for nothing!

my father dropped so i could help him scan some documents into a pdf file when he couldn't get his fax printer to work. he also delivered one of my rosemary plants (the trio that survived the winter) so i can replant it back in my community garden.

some of my nasturtiums have sprouted. in hindsight, i should've just planted them directly into the gardens because nasturtiums have a pretty high germination rate and don't need any special attention. but starting them indoors ensure all of them are large enough to survive before i transplant them eventually.

for dinner i had the rest of a package of yang rou pao mo (bread and mutton soup) my parents brought back from xi'an. it's packed like ramen, with various flavor packets. there was even a vacuum-sealed foil containing a piece of mutton which i already ate last night.

i tried watching game 2 between the lakers and the suns, but i just couldn't get into it, even though for most of the day i was reading basketball news (mostly about how great the celtics are and how bad the magic became). i wanted to get a feel for the competition should the celtics advance, but the lakers just seem to be dominating as they eventually won game 2. during the regular season, boston and LA split their 2 game matchup.

with a nice day forecasted for tomorrow, i spent the rest of the evening researching a place to go naturing.