"you're lying," client E said to me over the phone when i assured him he didn't just wake me up this morning. i hesitated briefly and confessed, "yeah, you got me." client E had some bad news: the flash program i built yesterday and that he approved wasn't working on his pc. that and the fact that he's due to delivery everything to his own client by 10:00. 

that's the story of my life: one minute i'm sound asleep, the next i'm thrown into a coding crisis with a delivery due in less than an hour. i tossed the clothes off of the rarely-used bedroom office chair and fired up the pc. while waiting for that machine to start, i checked my e-mail. in my mailbox was half a dozen e-mail from client E beginning around 6:00 this morning. i got this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. program wasn't working. xml was bugging out. can't see the right fonts. and the clock was ticking! i checked the app in windows and it seemed to be fine on my end. i called back client E and told him the result. we both guessed that maybe it was a security issue related to several variables: which version of windows, which version of internet explorer, and which version of the flash player. in the meantime, let the IT people figure out a solution. 

assured that the program itself might not be to blame, i quickly stamped out the other bugs. i hung around for the next 2 hours, waiting for client E to get back to me. i took the opportunity to move most of my plants out back for some hardening (everything except the tomatoes, peppers, and basil). 

around 12:00 i called the client back and left a voicemail message: i had business in boston and wouldn't be home until 3:00. no news is good news i told myself as i bicycled into the city.

to be continued...including haymarket (3 limes/$1, 4 lemons/$1, 1 lbs. red cayenne peppers/$1, 10 navel oranges/$2, 2 boxes of strawberries/$4, 5 cucumbers/$2), northeastern graduation, heron, osprey, pot-bellied pig, cormorants, charles river fishes, turtles, paulownia, pink chestnut, giant elm, and community garden tree peony!