the morels i found in my parents' backyard a few days ago were too small to eat. the new ones i discovered today were of a more edible size. i noticed a squirrel had gnawed on one of them already, but apparently morels aren't their thing because it didn't continue eating.

the day was overcast and i covered the motorcycle just in case it might rain. once i arrived in belmont i started the day by digging up all the new dandelions. i caught game 4 between the celtics and the heat, with miami managing to save face by pulling off a victory.

when my sister came home in the early evening, she made calzones for dinner. i showed her the morels and uprooted the 2 that had sprouted. i sliced them in half, soaked them in a salt bath (didn't seem to do anything really), covered them with bread crumbs, then fried them in a small pan of butter. maybe i used bread crumbs instead of flour, maybe i used too much butter, but the final result didn't look too appetizing. my first time tasting morels, they taste just like any other wild mushrooms i've had in the past, nothing too special or magical. as for the calzone, i only managed to eat half.

i waited until it got dark enough before pedaling back home. earlier i did a side-by-side comparison between the blackburn mars 3.0 - what i'd been using as my rear helmet-mounted light - with the new planet bike blinky 3H. the mars seemed brighter, partly because of its 7 LED's compared to the blinky's 3 LED's. the one cool thing about the blinky is the helmet mount; with the mars, i clip it to the back of the headband of my front helmet light. it's not a pretty solution, but it works, and i can use the setup even without a helmet.

later in the evening i got a call from my parents in shanghai. they were having lunch and hours ago from their return flight back to boston. my father gave me their flight number and estimated time of arrival.

earlier this morning i started stripping off the mildewy caulk around the edge of the tub in my bathroom. hopefully i can strip the rest of it tomorrow and begin applying the silicone caulk.