went back to market basket today, this time to buy some groceries for myself. nothing fancy, some wheat bread, some deli sliced turkey, some juice. i got a carton of vanilla bean ice cream because i had a craving for a brown cow, which is just a root beer + vanilla shake (rancatore in belmont made the best ones). for some reason i remember coffee ice cream was involved as well but i could be just imagining it.

i had to drop off some romaine lettuce at the cafe so i decided to bicycle there instead. i did move my motorcycle to my favorite parking spot though, pulled off the cover in anticipate of some weekend riding. afterwards i went to belmont with some leftover curry rice noodle.

after i finished lunch i made my rounds outside pulling out the new crop of dandelions. for the most part there aren't any large dandelion plants left. they're the most conspicuous and are the first to be removed. the problem now are the tiny dandelion plants, low to the ground, hard to see. despite their diminutive size, they're just as ready to produce thousands of seeds once they mature. basically weeding is never ending, my sisyphean task.

i planted some lettuce in the garden, in the space i call "the wedge" because of its triangular shape. 4 rows of plants, half iceberg, half romaine. i tried growing them in my community garden plot last spring but had a few leggy seedlings at best. i'm hoping the sunnier condition of the belmont garden will be more successful. as a matter of fact, i'm using the leftover seeds from last season. later i cleared up another plot, this time on the southeastern side of the house next to the chinese chives and below the defunct satellite dish. here i planted 2 rows of mesclun.

in my shade garden there should be at least 4 varieties of hostas: blue, alba marginata, gold standard, and patriot. blues were what i had originally. they used to be by what i now call the fern garden, but last autumn i divided them into 3-4 separate hosta plants and a few have already emerged. i then planted 8 more hostas, an assortment of the 3 other varieties - or so it said on the label when i ordered them from the nursery. so far i've seen the alba marginatas, which are just the ones with the white margins. there's also at least one gold standard, which has yellowish leaves. the patriot i haven't seen yet; they resemble alba marginata except the margins are much bigger (half the leave). the thing is i should have about a dozen hostas but there isn't nearly that amount (i think around 7 so far). i'm hoping the rest will emerge eventually, that my hosta investment wasn't in vain.

i tried to take a nap but it was too close to 6:00, which is the time when hailey wakes up and starts bugging me for dinner. i have no idea how dogs can tell time. i left soon after feeding her, wanted to get back home before it got dark. i swung by the cafe to let my sister know i'd left the house. i called wing works and rode to davis square to pick up an order of gourmet wings. it was already starting to get dark by the time i made my way home.

i had to have my wings if i was going to be watching basketball! game 3 was in miami. it seems like dwyane wade was trying to single-handedly win the game. whether he was actually hurt we'll never know, but suddenly being injured when it looks like your team is about to lose is not the hallmark of a great player. boston looked like it had the game beat but the heat came back in the final few minutes to tie it up, thanks to some questionable foul calls on the celtics courtesy of the crooked NBA referees. thank god there are celtics players with ice water in their veins, guys like ray allen and paul pierce. allen with his no-hesitation shooting and PP draining his jump shot as the clock went to zero was pretty clutch (although had he missed, the game would've just gone into overtime, so there wasn't that much pressure, unlike the heat, who are now down 0-3). i'm starting to believe again, that flicker of hope that maybe the home team might go the distance. miami's done though, the real test is the next opponent.