this isn't how i thought i'd be spending my sunday morning1, sopping up spilled soy sauce from the cafe basement floor. my sister, prone to hyperbole, described the basement as flooded when she called me, and told me to buy a bulk package of paper towels. the actual spill was only 1-2 gallons worth of sauce, but still a mess. someone must not have closed the spigot tightly yesterday so it leaked overnight.

i was careful not to get any of it on my clothes as i threw away the dripping black paper towels since soy sauce is notorious for staining. i went through 2 rolls before deciding to use a sponge instead. i'd soak up the spill and squeeze out the liquid into a plastic bag. although messier, it made for a quicker cleanup. eventually i got enough of it that there was nothing more to do than to let the rest of it dry up. the basement smelled like soy sauce though, and even after numerous washings, my fingers still smelled. however, i didn't get any on my clothes.

while my sister continued working, i left for belmont, returning the car i no longer needed with my bicycle in the back. the weather was in the 50's with intermittent periods of brief sunshine followed by overcast rain. conditions were optimal enough to bloom some of the dandelions hiding in the lawn. i pulled as much as i could, but need another day to finish the job.

although warmer than my place (this morning it was 53° in my bedroom), it was still cold in my parents' house (65°). days like today, it's easy to just slip under the covers and take a nap, which is exactly what i did while watching harold and kumar on television. when my sister came home around 6:00, she came swedish meatballs for dinner. i left soon afterwards, bicycling back to cambridge.

although it feels like i'm burning a lot of calories (from all the panting and muscle straining), i'm probably actually not reducing too much. i think i read somewhere that bicycling is the most efficient mode of transportation. the whole point is it allows me to travel far without taking too much of a physical toll. i still think it's a good workout though, gets the heart pumping, allows me the bare minimum of occasional exercise.

1 i got another chance to videochat with my father again, this time from taiyuan. he was actually asleep (around 10pm chinatown, after a tiring day of sightseeing) but had his laptop on and woke up when he heard the computer ringing.