another weekend when my upstairs neighbors aren't home, which means i can get some nice uninterrupted sleep.

i left for belmont in the early afternoon, hoping to get some gardening time in the backyard on this warmest day (70's) of the whole year so far. i took the motorcycle thinking i might also do some mechanic work even though the spare parts i ordered 2 weeks ago haven't arrived yet (UPS says next tuesday). i think on the days when i feel like exercising i'll ride the bicycle and days i feel lazy i'll take the motorcycle. today was a lazy day.

nobody was home except my sister and the dog, and my sister left soon afterwards. basking in the afternoon sun, i actually found myself wishing it was cold again, my natural contrarian nature i suppose. i noticed the daffodils were out, which was pretty much it in terms of garden activity. these daffodils were part of my original batch of perennial bulbs that i planted during high school i think. there are also some hyacinths and tulips, i've had my hands experiencing most of the common bulbs. these are the best kind of flowers, the ones you plant once and then they flower every single year.

no annoying bugs yet (flies and mosquitoes), just some carpenter bees, a few wasps, and some unidentified black gnats. a mockingbird was putting up quite a song in the late afternoon.

there wasn't much work in the backyard. i set up some new jumbo-sized cages in future tomato spots. when my parents finally came home my father set up some clotheslines. i spent most of the time weeding, tilling the vegetable areas and then removing as much celandines and garlic mustards from the shady yard perimeters.

my sister went out again so i just had dinner with my parents while watching an episode of engineering and empire on the history international channel, one about grecian technology in the time of alexander.

back at home, i strung up the fluorescent lights in my hallway closet and gave them a test run. i'd forgotten how bright 240 watts of illumination can be! even then, if i can get my hands on another cheap shop light on craig's list, i won't hesitate. as for my seeds, no seedlings yet (but it's only been 4 days).

finally started on season 5 of the wire. i feel kind of sad because it's the last season and i don't want it to end (although it'd be nice to be finally rid of this addiction). i just finished episode 2 and i can probably cram a few more before i go to bed tonight.