today's rainstorm was even stronger compared to yesterday's. there's nothing to do but to just wait it out. the promise of near 80's weather is the outlook for the end of this week, as improbable as it may be looking outside the window today. i may just be tempted to turn off the heat for the season come april.

i planted some seeds today. in year's past i've made my own potting mix of 2/5 soil, 2/5 peat moss, and 1/5 perlite. this year i'm trying some miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. it looks to be a blend of soil with peat moss along with some fertilizing beads. the texture is a bit chunkier than my liking, but i think it'll still work. i filled about 5 dozen 16 oz. clear plastic cups (the ones with drilled holes in the bottoms from yesterday). in previous years i'd also bottom soak each container to water them, but because the potting mix was already moist, i skipped that step, but instead spritzed the topsoil after i planted the seeds. i also like to cover up each container with a piece of plastic wrap and a rubber band (for humidity and moisture control), but that was getting to be too much work so instead i found a roll of plastic sheet to drape over some of the containers (the rest i plastic wrapped). another thing i'm not doing this year is germinating the seeds in the dark. some seeds require dark/light germination, but the ones i'm growing can go either way.

i ended up planting: 9 tomatoes, 9 peppers (assorted hot mix), 9 basil, 8 cucumbers, 8 bottle gourds (calabash), 8 fancy gourds, 6 moon flowers, and 6 morning glories. i still have a lot of other seeds, some of which i will plant directly into the garden (like snow peas).

i've started season 2 of the wire, already on episode 6. once i begin watching it'd hard to stop. right from the first episode i already figured out human trafficking would be part of the story line. it was cool seeing where everyone landed, and even cooler to see the old team getting back together (kind of like the magnificent seven) minus mcnulty, who as of episode 6 is still floating around on his own. i just hope i have the will power to resist another late night binge and end up watching the entire 2nd season all the way until sunrise.

for dinner, i finished my leftover spaghetti. that's something else i won't be eating anytime soon! so stuffed!